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Yggdrasil Presents the Ten Lessons in Securing the Survival of Western Civilization

Each week, Yggdrasil discusses the forces and movements that bear on the fate of European-Americans as a people and as a culture.

Yggdrasil's students include many who are angry at the United States Government and at the costs and disadvantages it imposes on European-Americans. The legal and economic burdens fall predominantly on the young and politically weak; those seeking college admission, first time job seekers, and entrepreneurs starting up businesses.

While anger is understandable, ancient symbols of that anger do not to speak to the needs of our people. They tend to energize opponents of European-American self-determination.

There are recognizable forces and patterns that create and maintain the burdens imposed on European-Americans. These weekly lessons are intended to illuminate those forces and patterns, so that the angry youth of our nation will understand that we have realistic opportunities to free ourselves.


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