Yggdrasil's Movie List

At this stage in the movement for Euro-American survival, it is vital that we begin to assemble our own media libraries filled with content that we can watch repeatedly - content that will gradually isolate us from the surrounding popular culture, and allow us to pay a smaller share of our incomes to the entertainment industry.

It is absolutely vital that we cancel our cable subscriptions, but that is extremely difficult to do unless we have quality media libraries as a substitute. Equally important, we need reliable information as to the movies you can rent or buy without fear of encountering the worst forms of negative conditioning messages and images.

In general, the media attack against us has three principal thrusts:

Hollywood pumps out a vast array of visual images and themes which implement the above three major lines of attack - often with considerable subtlety.

But because of our own inborn aesthetic preferences and the need for Hollywood to make money by appealing to those preferences, the product of the entertainment industry is a mix - some very good for us, and much that is terrible. The problem is information. For example, for the girls in your household, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea are outstanding. For the boys we have October Sky, Master and Commander - Far Side of the World, and Zulu.

By far, the movie that is the most subversive of the multi-culti hedonistic culture is Anne of Green Gables, which shows how peasant farmers lived back in Edwardian times (1899-1911) before culture destruction and multi-culturalism grabbed us by the short hairs - a stark contrast to what we have today!

But the DVD gives us control of our culture once we have adequate information, as the disks being sold are essentially immortal given reasonable care, and can be shared with friends and neighbors and watched repeatedly. This sharing and repeat watching will have the effect of isolating us from the popular culture, and at the same time it will diminish the revenues of the entertainment industry which is, for the most part, a conscious attacker, and the single largest threat to our collective survival.

Further, once we have these films on DVD, the culture destruction machine loses the option of sending these favorable images down the memory hole as they have so many of the politically incorrect westerns.

The list that follows is the beginning of my effort to provide this information. The ideal that we seek - the positive criteria for inclusion (in addition to significant entertainment value) are any of the following, either alone or in combination:

However, given the realities of Hollywood, the primary criteria for appearance on the list are the absence of the following disqualifying features.

To some degree, the criteria are flexible. For example there is an emerging genre which I call "From under the Rubble" in which the White victims of culture destruction and multi culti manage to extricate themselves and find happiness. The best example is "Notting Hill." These movies often display several of the above disqualifying items, but as something to be confronted, contained, controlled or escaped from.

Context is everything.

In addition, there are three movies listed below with offensive scenes which are gratuitous to the plot and are very brief. For those of you who make personal backup copies - the scenes are easily edited out of the movie. Therefore I have included them because other content and themes outweigh the objectionable scene.

My objective is to list 1000 films - a very substantial library. I only have 150 for you right now. I need your help, email me with suggestions and your reasons for inclusion.


The symbol "**" indicates a "must have" movie.
The symbol "WNT" means "White Nationalist Treasure."
The symbol "WNC" means "White Nationalist Classic."
The symbol "NC" means a nationalist classic of other peoples with valuable lessons for us.

The ratings G,A, and R are my own and not Hollywood's.

"R" is a movie that you don't want your children to see - included on this list for its political content (Clockwork Orange, Training Day, Fritz the Cat).

"A" is a movie that has more sexual content and bad language than may be healthy for children (Last Days of Disco, Bonfire of the Vanities).

"G" is a movie broadly acceptable to fundamentalist Christians. However, a G rating will include adult movies that will not be understandable for children (Babbett's Feast) and will include tastefully done nudity within a marital relationship (Braveheart, Romeo and Juliet) including common law marriage (Blue Lagoon). Most of the movies on this list are "G"

Unrated movies are those that I cannot remember well enough, or have not yet seen.

New Additions, in no particular order - yet to be assigned a category

Explicit WN Films

Race Realism - The "Easterns" (Amerind conflict East of the Mississippi)

Race Realism - Westerns (Amerind conflict West of the Mississippi)

Race Realism - Africa and Africans (Unpleasant truths)

Race Realism - Romance

Race Realism - Action:

Race Realism - Science Fiction

Race Realism - Political Drama

Race Realism - Documentary - Reality movies

Race Realism - Imperial Heroism

Race Realism - Revolutions

The Faces of Communism

The European Fertility Movies - The beauty, challenge and rewards of children.

The James Bond Phenomenon - The longest running and most profitable movie series in history - An aesthetic formula that works!

White Films - A Study of Revolutions

White Films - The Faces of Power, an examination of Machiavelli's virtu or "prowess" in film.

White Films - Media and Reality

White Films - "R" Rated Moral Rearmament - Evil portrayed as ugly and dangerous:

White Films - Romance and the Sexual Selection Process, Pre-Culture Destruction:

White Films - Political Drama:

White Films - The Euro Village - A study of Internal Cohesion:

White Films - Western Romance:

White Films - Romance with supportive themes:

White Films - The Aesthetic Prop:

White Films - Romance From Under the Rubble:

White Films - The Children's Corner, Disney Classics:


Family Man - Nicholas Cage A
About Schmidt A
Girl Interrupted A
Riding in Cars with Boys A
Untamed Heart - Slater, Tomei A
Little Voice G

Pushing Tin - Cusak, Thornton A
Amalie - (French with subtitles)
Road Warrior - Mel Gibson
Midnight Express
b>The Winslow Boy - Ian Bannen, David Kelly, et. al. **WNC G
Mansfield Park - leTouzel, Hepton BBC 1983 *G
** WNC G
Sweet Home Alabama - (offensive homo sub-plot in otherwise fantastic WN movie)*A
A River Runs Through It - **G
Evelyn - Brosnan **G
The Dish G*

WN Films - Earlier (Tribal) White Nationalisms:

WN Films - Temp Miscellaneous:

Other Nationalisms deserving our respect:

In-Your-Face Racial Subordination:

Culture/Performing Arts

From under the Rubble

Power, corruption, and Intrigue



Romance/Romantic Comedy


British Comedy

Science Fiction

Teen Classics

Pre-Teen and Early Teen



Temporarily Defying Categorization

European Films