Margaret Thatcher - White Nationalist?

Look who the Wall Street Journal caught poking at the soft underbelly of the world's multi-racial empires!

Margaret Thatcher, of all people!

The passages come from the "Notable & Quotable" column of July 27, 1995, page A12, quoting from her new book, "The Path to Power" by Margaret Thatcher (HarperCollins, 1995).

First, she emphasizes the positive powers of national identity, claiming, correctly, that having a nation makes it easier for us all to make the sacrifices necessary for group survival:

Just so! If Euro-Americans are going to survive as a group in the United States, they are going to need their own nation.

The positive potential of nationalism is fairly well understood, and has been commented upon at length in the past. Nothing really new here.

But then Margaret marches into territory profoundly threatening to the liberal order and to all of its constituent enterprises, - - the multinational consumer brands, the various anti-white civil rights lobbies, and the Isreal and Holocaust lobbies -- to name but a few.

The "Europe of 500 Flags" is a profoundly threatening concept to liberals everywhere, because their power and prosperity come from controlling and exploiting the productive populations in advanced industrialized states.

And what better way to control these productive populations than by placing them in artificial states, creating a welfare class and importing non-whites to vote against them! Nicollo Machiavelli would have been proud. But the question of the day is what counsel dear old Niccolo would give to the liberals to prevent messages like the following from creeping into the consciousness of these productive classes:

Margaret can be forgiven her habit of using the term "liberal" in its 19th Century meaning. Nevertheless, it appears that mainstream conservatives are beginning to spot connections between survival, race and nation and the potential for those connections to produce real change.

Waco and Ruby Ridge make it clear that the United States Government will resort to force to hold this artificial construct together, much as it did 130 years ago.

Comrades, our task on the Net is to make clear the real reasons why.

If our people begin to understand the economic motives behind the multi-racial empire, they will be much less tolerant of the violence and brutality it takes to hold it together.


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