White Nationalism a "Jewish Conspiracy?"

From: jabowery@netcom.com (Jim Bowery)
Subject: Question for Yggdrasil

Mr. Bowery, I find your question "Which is offering those of Northern European ancestry the best deal?" defeatist.

I say nonsense! We don't have to take anyone's deal! In 20 years, it is we European-Americans who will be offering the "deals" on our terms to whom ever we please.

Each time the third world has directly challenged European power, the result has been the same. European-Americans are under attack in the United States by third world elements. Our upper-middle class (with a few notable exceptions) burys its head in the sand and wishes it were not so, because confronting that challenge means the destruction of the myths on which their status is based, and an inevitable shift in existing power relationships within our society.

But once the average European-American understands the extent of that challenge, the result will be swift and predictable.

We aren't going to need "deals" from anyone.

Now this notion that the new 'white nationalism' is a jewish conspiracy is laughable.

You must come to understand a simple universal proposition. It would be imprudent for any minority to live in diaspora without investing a great deal of time and effort in controlling the terms of its interaction with the majority.

It is an involuntary reflex and not a conspiracy. In my student days, I observed many Jews who lacked the energy, intelligence or self-discipline required of conspirators nevertheless gravitate en-masse toward the cause of integrationism without specific direction.

The whole point of existence as a minority is economic advantage. No group is going to leave the land of its own tribe and attempt to live among some other potentially hostile tribe unless they believe that they will benefit economically. There has to be compensation for such risk before the movement will take place.

Minority status offers the group the chance to have some other group be their garbage collectors and burger flippers. In the U.S. civil rights struggle, we are witnessing the struggle of American Blacks (up until now, history's exception), striving to occupy that upper-middle ground that minorities the world over uniformly achieve. They are, of course, being coached by the experts.

Indeed, Robert Fogel won a nobel prize last year for pointing out nearly twenty years ago in his seminal economic analysis "Time on the Cross" that slaves in the U.S. occupied a middle status between the plantation owners and the "white trash" who lived "up the river" and to whom slaves would be sold (up the river) if they misbehaved.

In many respects, the civil rights struggle can be viewed as an effort to _recapture_ status lost following emancipation.

Driving minorities in this universal behavior is a reasonable assumption about human nature, namely, that once a majority figures out that a minority possesses a disproportionate share of the nation's wealth or desirable occupations, the majority will rise up, displace their own corrupted native rulers and install new ones who will expel the minority.

Minorities are instinctively aware of this risk. They do not need a conspiracy to remind them of it or to motivate involvement in an ongoing effort to dominate the discussion about the terms of their interactions with the majority.

Existence as a minority requires constant maintenance.

That is why minorities need victim status, to deflect attention from their privileges. A great deal of effort will be expended mythologizing the short transition phase of economic hardship upon first arrival. We are endlessly reminded of sweatshops and garment workers. A great deal of effort will be invested in nurturing stories of minority victimization (much at odds with what majority individuals actually see in their everyday lives).

That is why minorities advocate Marxism and socialism, to focus attention on inequality between majority elites and the majority masses, and divert attention of the masses away from the far more statistically significant inequalities between the racial minorities and the majority.

That is why minorities will invest disproportionate effort in culture and the arts - to produce native elites which (while resembling the majority physically) become more comfortable in the company of minorities whom they come to resemble culturally.

A great deal of effort will also be invested in replacing native majority moral codes with new moral codes based on racial and ethnic tolerance.

If you are a minority, no other morality really matters.

A great deal of effort will be expended on "educating" the majority about "hidden" and "unconscious" racism. Minorities know it exists because this is the only type of racism that their circumstance allows them to practice. And they practice it a great deal.

The point, Mr. Bowery, is that this phenomenon is universal. The paradigm was formed in the West by the Greeks in ancient Rome. Captured and enslaved, they became subordinate ministers and tutors to the children of the elite. The Israelites in Egypt are an earlier non-Western example.

As a latin teacher once said in an earlier era of rigorous education to 30 impressionable minds, "Slaves were taken by captains, not privates!"

Thus, you are likely to find minorities working as hard to define their relationship to native majorities in Malaysia, Vietnam, India and South Africa, as they do in the United States.

The truth is, Mr. Bowery, that the only Jews who are not alarmed by the new "white nationalism" are Jews who are assimilating psychologically and thus, arguably, (by one or more of their own definitions) are no longer Jews. With Edgar Bronfman claiming on the pages of the Wall Street Journal that the intermarriage rate has reached 70%, it should not require the strategic mind of a Napoleon or a Clausewitz to realize that there is absolutely zero utility in hectoring them on the basis of race or ethnicity.

During epochs of rapid change, there are some trends best left undisturbed. I am a great believer, Mr. Bowery, in a functional definition of race and in the freedom of groups to define their own collective dislikes without my interference. It is up to the Jews to tell us who they are. Let the dust settle for a decade or so, and they will let us know who among them are friend and who are foe.

In the meantime, Mr. Bowery, what is needed is the kind of leadership and the kind of sense of relevance that will allow our fellow European-Americans to recognize the patterns that describe and make sense of the forces at work around them. Ultimately, they will buy your prescriptions for the future only if those prescriptions are grounded in reality.


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