Milton's Trillion

In a post to the newsgroup alt.revisionism, my friend Milton Kleim expounds on a vision of "ethnic cleansing" for the United States, in part, as follows:

We are going to spend a trillion dollars to move blacks back to Africa?

No way!

Look, the whole idea is that our people are _tired_ of paying. They want to _stop_ paying. You are going to have to show our people how they can SAVE money by doing this, not spend more!

You have to make our program attractive, Milton. The average Euro-American is not going to be moved by calls for additional sacrifice.

Frankly, this notion that a trillion can be taken from banks to pay for relocation shows just how completely the alien socialist propaganda has infected our minds.

Milton, a bank is just a large vehicle for collecting money from people like you and me and then lending it to others. On one side of the bank's balance sheet you have its liabilities. These are deposits collected from the "little guy". On the asset side of the balance sheet, you have loans; auto loans, a few mortgages, loans to the government (treasury notes and bonds) and lots of loans to business.

Now in the lower right hand corner of a bank's balance sheet will be a comparatively tiny entry called "equity". This is the bank's capital.

The sad truth is that banks are the most highly leveraged businesses in the U.S. Typically, their capital equals only 2% or 3% of their assets. Even if you were to confiscate all this capital, it would not equal a trillion dollars. (After all, the only use of bank capital is to protect you, the depositor. You don't think they leave any more than necessary for that purpose, do you?) And if you confiscate anything else, you are taking deposits - money that belongs to little guys like you and me!

The political problem with banks is not the interest they charge on their loans, but the fact that by gathering deposits from working folks like us, they have acquired the power to decide who gets to employ that money in our economy and for what purposes. We depositors lose the power to decide how our money is used, while the government forces bank managements to make uneconomic loans that aid our enemies.

If you confiscate all bank capital, you will be left with weak financial institutions that cannot grant new loans, and that are vulnerable to failure, risking the loss of deposits of the little guys.

There is no free trillion out their to be had for the taking.

If Euro-Americans are going to have to spend a trillion dollars to send Africans back to Africa, it is going to have to come out of their own pockets or out of the pockets of the next generation.

The truth is that we would be better off spending the trillion to build up our own culture, rather than moving another.

I have a better idea. Let's just cede New York City, Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles and similar venues along with the 40 Voting Rights Act districts (about 10% to 15% of our land mass) to a new nation with its own separate government and tax system.

That way, we shed the enormous welfare costs. While we lose the tax base on some valuable urban real estate, we would keep most of the tax base associated with suburban offices, factories and warehouses.

The idea is to avoid disrupting our economy. Nor do we wish to disrupt trade between the businesses in New York City and the rest of the country. Rather, we want to disrupt minority control over our new slimmed-down Congress and to disrupt minority control over our own culture and arts.

We want to have the ability to foster arts, entertainment and news broadcasts that compete with Hollywood, as well as cleaning up the social sciences and history curriculum of the schools. We would drastically curtail immigration.

For the life of me, I cannot see the sense of paying a trillion dollars to keep a de-populated New York City. Not only do you lose the trillion, but you end up with a lot of urban real estate with little or no economy and little value, once its inhabitants are expelled.

It's the "vision thing," Milton. I do not like any vision of the founding of our new Euro-American nation in which we deliberately plunge our people into poverty or war.

At times, Milton, you seem to have this vision of government as some wondrous agent for progress and good, deprived of its capacity to elevate us into Valhalla only because it has fallen into hands of Jews and their racial allies.

The truth, Milton, is that government is a bumbling, incredibly inefficient employer of last-resort - fouling up everything it touches with the possible exception of national defense. The basic principle and purpose of government is to benefit the few at a diffuse and hidden cost to the many.

It is this inherent purpose of government that creates its vulnerability to manipulation by special interests and racial minorities in the first place.

Our Euro-American nation will forcibly confine government to those functions it can perform, and give the people instant, direct electronic veto power, so that it will be impossible to impose those indirect and hidden costs without their informed consent.

As I have said often before, poverty and war may find us anyway for reasons not of our making. However, we must make it clear to our people that our program for the founding of the Euro-American nation will improve living standards, and not decrease them. We want to increase real practical freedom for our people, and ensure their survival.

We will free them from the oppressive and incompetent hand of government and not saddle them with more.


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