Why White Nationalism?

There are two answers to the question "Why White Nationalism?".

1. The futility of Conservatism!

As we approach the millenium, there is not much Western Civilization left in the United States to conserve. The original ideal that brought our ancestors to the United States was the melting pot, the "color blind society" in which individuals would be judged on merit and not on skin color or ethnic origin. The original ideal has been abandoned by our liberal elites. Individuals are no longer judged by their own merit. The ideal of the color blind society has simply disappeared. As a practical matter, it will never return. As a consequence there is no longer any reason for a European-American (or anyone else, for that matter) to attempt to slow down the rush towards a balkanized United States. What is the logic in slowing down a process that is already 70% completed?

2. To assert European-American intererests in this new balkanized society!.

All efforts of liberals at maintaining racial peace in the United States are guided by the false assumption that hostility and anger by non-whites is provoked by "white racism". The truth is that non-whites would be hostile toward us even if every European-American were a saint.

In every non-homogenous country in the world non-whites have powerful racial animosites. (See Yggdrasil's lesson #2). These reactions occur whether Europeans are present or not. However, white liberals imagine that once these people arive on our shores they lose that natural and universal propensity to dislike people of other races.

To the liberal mind, black and brown people arriving here either become "saints", devoid of the natural inclination of men everywhere to dislike people with different skin color, or become "new socialist man," motivated solely by calculations of economic self-interest and utterly devoid of racial awareness. Thus, to a liberal, whenever blacks or browns become angry, they must have been provoked by "white racism."

Now this unfortuate assumption places the average European- American in a rather awkward position. Every time black and brown people raise a stink about their status or treatment, the liberal assumes that there must be hidden white racism somewhere, and that the way to appease the blacks and browns is to adopt new employment quotas, more contract set-asides, new standards for race-normed testing or admissions procedures, adopt more strignent "hate crime" laws, censor white speech ever more stringently to filter out anything that might be giving such offense, and if all that fails, buy peace with direct cash handouts (paid for by the middle class, of course).

Now black and brown people are not fools, they know they are being rewarded for raising a rukus. So far, they keep getting the same rewards for it. More rukus leads to more benefits, more advantages, more tribute, and more humiliation of the average white by their own elites. What a country!

Now for the average European-American who just commutes to work in the morning, has very little racial anger, and certainly doesn't want to foment or participate in any "revolution", all of these concessions present a dillemma. At some point, these undeserved burdens have to stop. Yet the average European-American has been so tolerant of their imposition, and the white liberal elites in charge have been so utterly naive and misguided in their judgments about race, that there is no visible mechanism or group that could possibly stop what is now beginning to look like a massive racially-based attack.

There are no European-American leaders who are willing to stand up and state the obvious. It is the blacks and browns who are racist. It is the blacks and browns who are exploiting the race issue for advantage. At some point, the white liberal elites are either going to have to say "no" to the black and brown racial agressors, or those white elites will have to be replaced with someone who can.

Thus there is a practical advantage to be gained by bringing white nationalism out into the open. These white liberal elites are going to have to understand that there are competent rebels within their midst (within the information elites described by Herrnstein and Murray in "The Bell Curve") who feel a moral obligation to dissent and organize average European-Americans to resist their practice of rewarding black and brown racial agression. It does not matter whether this practice arises out of a sincere (if obviously silly) notion that only white racism could cause black and brown hostility, or whether this practice is a conscious agression on the part of an alienated white liberal elite motivated by a need to show contempt for their fellow European-Americans. Either way, it is going to stop. The only question is how "messy" the process of stopping these practices is going to get.

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