Liberals, Lights Unto the World!

Oh! I get it!

So the Azerbaijanis slaughter the Armenians in Azerbaijan.

The Tutsi slaughter the Hutu in Rwanda.

The Hindus riot and kill Moslems, and vice versa in India, Kashmir and Punjab.

The Xhosa necklace the Zulu and vice-versa in South Africa.

The Israelis kill Palestinians, and the Palestinians kill Israelis in Palestine.

The Basques carry out terror attacks against Castilians in Spain.

The Bosnians - everyone knows about Bosnia.

The Malays grant themselves draconian employment preferences to hobble the Chinese living in Malaysia.

The Vietnamese drive the Chinese out of Vietnam.

The Chinese colonize and slowly exterminate the Tibetans and Mongolians in China.

The Kenyans, Ugandans and Zimbabweyans drive whites and East Indians from Africa.

The Sinhalese impose drastic employment quotas on the Tamils, and the Tamils retaliate with killings in Sri Lanka.

The list goes on.

But whites in the United States are not allowed to act like Moldovans, Sinhalese, Chinese or Africans.

It would be significant if whites were expected simply to refrain from the above types of conduct. That alone would make them different from the rest of humanity!

But whites are not only expected to restrain themselves, they are expected to submit to racial preferences and pay tribute in the form of social welfare to all of these groups that choose to enter the U.S., legal or not! Fact is, this does not happen anywhere else in the world!

Now why would anyone assume that whites are capable of restraining themselves in this fashion?

Do liberals think whites are somehow special? How is it exactly that Whites are not like all the rest of humanity? How could they possibly be expected to live up to such a standard if they were not - dare I say the word - superior?

Echoes of Rudyard Kipling. The white man's burden lives!

But we now read that any white man or woman who simply wishes to act like the rest of humanity is "white trash" and has "low self esteem" as compared to our estimable liberals - lights unto the world - who have shown us all how to shift the costs of the white man's burden onto the backs of the young, the politically weak, and the productive too busy earning a living to organize and defend themselves.

Now it would appear, based on examples set by the rest of humanity, that the humane thing to do is separate races or ethnic groups into separate nations to reduce conflict.

Who knows, it may be that whites are merely human too! But maybe liberals would lose too much self esteem to admit it!

Seems the curtain is parting on the shriveled little wizards at the controls of the liberal multiculturalist empire!


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