Yggdrasil's "Conservative Hypothetical"

Suppose a frustrated conservative finally realized that he can't possibly roll back the welfare state as part of the loyal conservative opposition.

Suppose he has watched Bill Buckley, the YAFers, and various stripes of libertarians debate theory for years and realizes that debate just doesn't change anything.

Suppose he suddenly realizes that Liberals don't need to worry about rational arguments concerning the welfare state and its destructive power because voters respond to advertising and not distant concepts like economic efficiency.

Suppose he gets tired of seeing liberals manipulate the political process by buying minority votes, and then splitting the majority over how much tribute to pay them.

Suppose he tires of the same old answer all the time - higher taxes and more tribute. Suppose he is sick of the liberals taking their cut of the spoils and commandeering jobs in the bureaucracies they create to pass out this tribute.

Suppose also that this frustrated conservative is truly outraged at the destruction the welfare state wreaks on blacks and other people of color, including family break-up, decreasing opportunity for economic interaction with the majority, and increasing racial hostility within those racial communities - all with the purpose of ensuring block voting for those "high minded" liberals who designed the system.

Now suppose this frustrated conservative starts looking around for a political force strong enough to unite the majority against the liberals and their political manipulation and political profiteering.

Where would such a conservative look?

The answer is obvious!

Every liberal instinctively knows how to defeat a liberal!

What is the one thing that liberals fear? What thoughts are so horribly threatening to them so as to be banished from public discourse?

Could the answer be race?

But of course! Liberals are afraid of race because they know it is the one political force strong enough to overthrow them. (And indeed, while nothing much is likely to come of the 1994 Republican electoral victory, that victory was, according to the Wall Street Journal, attributable to "angry white males".)

Now let us suppose that this frustrated conservative has absolutely no interest in being mean to blacks or jews, and has no interest whatever in kicking them out of the country. (Suppose, in fact, that he prefers them to white liberals.)

But suppose also that this frustrated conservative figures out that the only way to stop white liberals from plundering his wallet and destroying his culture is for him, and other like minded Americans, to declare independence from those few states in which liberals and minorities are concentrated.

If this newly independent nation has no racial minorities, then the liberals are going to have a much tougher time manipulating elections.

Better yet, if most of the liberal agenda is made unconstitutional, then it will take years for liberals to fashion new manipulative myths and propaganda to set themselves apart as morally superior beings, and it will take decades for them to fashion new special claims on the power to meddle in the lives of others.

Now if the liberals remain concentrated in the parts of the country dominated by blacks and browns, their pretensions to power are going to become frightfully conspicuous.

What a delightful prospect! Freedom from liberalism all around!

Freedom from liberalism for whites, plus freedom from the welfare state for races now being destroyed by it! - Double bonus!

Now suppose our frustrated conservative looks at the rest of the world and sees that everywhere else on earth, races and ethnic groups are separating into their own little separate countries.

Suppose that academic economists say that these separate countries are economically viable in the information age as long they follow free trade policies.

Suppose also that there are examples of secession and nation- splitting that are carried out peacefully, without bloodshed.

Now I am going to ask a simple question:

Aside the fact that liberals would lose their jobs manipulating productive citizens, and would be forced to get real jobs producing something that customers value, what is so reprehensible about this vision that tempts our hypothetical, frustrated conservative to reject the integrationist premise?

No reason to start fantasizing about weird racial superiority theories, race wars, pogroms or other stuff that our hypothetical conservative has not advocated! No need to seek opportunities for knee-jerk displays of liberal moral outrage!

Just a simple means to a humane result! - No?


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