Yggdrasil's WN Library


This is Yggdrasil's White Nationalism series. Yggdrasil explains why it is necessary to assert racial independence in order to reduce conflict. These are the defining principles of our movement - a must-read for anyone interested in WN.

1. The White Nationalist Premise
2. Conservative Hypothetical
3. Liberals, Lights Unto the World!
4. Why White Nationalism?
5. White Nationalism - Key Concepts
6. What is White Nationalism?
7. Sweating the Details
8. Who Stays and Who Goes?
9. "Milton's Trillion"
10. Can Jews Switch Sides?
11. White Nationalism - A 'Jewish Conspiracy'?
12. Rabbi Schiller's Racial Separation
13. Margaret Thatcher - White Nationalist?
14. Yggdrasil Quibbles with Tom Lathrop
15. The Promise of White Nationalism


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