Occupied America - Part IV - An Ugly Trend

A Jewish business partner runs up to me shortly after the L.A. Bank shootout and says, in an agitated voice: "Hey Ygg, how come you NRA guys won't agree to ban assault weapons?"


I can handle this two ways.

The first is the polite WASP way in which I would say something like; "Assault weapons are so rarely used in crime that banning them would not accomplish anything. If a few million people want to fondle their assault weapons in the privacy of their own homes, then let them. The statistics show us this activity is harmless."

But if I take the polite WASP approach, I feel like an idiot because I know my interrogator has not the slightest interest in controlling street crime. What he really means is this:

He knows that outlawing guns will not slow down violent street crime. And he doesn't care about "gun control" in the abstract because the stockpiles of Uzzis maintained by the Jewish "misgerot" or frames here in the U.S. make him feel quite secure.

Forget crime control or "gun control", what he really wants is goy control.

So if I decide upon alternative two, what do I say? I could just blurt out something like; "Gee, never in the history of the U.S. has a white gentile used an assault rifle to kill Jews. Killing Jews just isn't very high on our list of priorities, so maybe you should adjust your head instead!"

Comes off kind of heavy, don't you think?

Maybe something a tad lighter: "If we could only develop a bullet that would automatically self-destruct whenever aimed at a Jew, this whole gun control issue would quickly wither on the vine."

The Sarah Bradys of the world would still be around, but the real force and intensity behind the issue among those who fund the Democratic party, and write the evening news and the TV shows would quickly disappear.

And that is the problem with the whole gun control debate. We are not allowed to identify in public the wildly paranoid fantasies that motivate the confiscatory urge. Facts cannot dislodge the fantasy.

Yet my Jewish acquaintances all know that my ancestors had 2000 years experience at being ruled by aliens. First the Romans, then the Germanic Saxons, then the Danes, and then the Normans. The Normans spoke a language that none of us could understand. We needed interpreters. We acquiesced in their taxes, (a fact not lost on the latest band of aliens). But unlike our current overlords, at least the Normans allowed us to keep the same weapons that were carried by their own troops.

When William the Conqueror's descendants misbehaved, we gathered up those swords, lances and longbows and presented them with the Great Charter. We taught the aliens the virtues of limited government at the point of the sword.

Words in a charter or constitution mean nothing unless the people are armed. Limited government and the "consent of the governed" were tools to minimize tribal conflict and war. These concepts were imposed upon rulers by force. They kept the peace better than totalitarian Marxism ever did.

And of course, the Jewish population is well aware of this history. It is our gentile prejudice to assume that they would empathize, and that out of respect for the culture of their countrymen, and a desire to live in harmony with them, would carve out niches within this modern world in which this ancient culture of arms (the father of limited government) could be preserved and remembered in a positive way.

But that is not what the culture destroyers want at all. They want to stamp it out.

Israel Shahak in his masterpiece "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," (1994 Pluto Press, London, Page 12) explains why.

And what better description of life here in Occupied America could we have than this? The modern day Talmudic sages have given us 2000 pages of Internal Revenue Code, 8000 pages of Regulations interpreting that Code, and hundreds of thousands of pages of Revenue Rulings, Private Letter Rulings and interpretations.

We have legions of wetlands police, child endangerment police, Federal thought crimes police, fish and game police, industrial safety police, smoke, sewage and fertilizer police, pharmaceutical discovery police, investment police, business police, and electronic communications police all watching over us, each enforcing an additional hundred thousand pages of regulations and interpretations of Talmudic complexity.

As our society crumbles, with falling SAT scores, soaring violent crime, growing drug use among teenagers and growing welfare dependency, Jews in general are greatly comforted by the existence of this mass of rules and the armies of police to enforce them.

None of this was brought about by a conspiracy or a central "plan." Rather, it is the natural process by which a people confident of their culture struggles to establish the supremacy of that culture. And it is a culture that is only "comfortable" when hundreds of thousands of Rabbis (bearing modern secular titles) supervise every last detail of our lives. Conservatives wail about the fact that excessive regulation and police forces are legislated into existence even in the absence of a problem to solve. Indeed, that is the whole point! The "problem" is millions of Goyim wandering around doing what they please. That makes the rabinnate of the modern state (many of whom are Goyim who have internalized Jewish culture) very uncomfortable.

Conservatives seem never to understand that complexity confers power. A simple flat tax with one or two rates would be simple to overthrow because millions would be subject to the same rate and could organize to lower that rate. The complexity of multiple rates, various deductions, tax preference items and the alternative minimum tax divide the population into atomized individuals, making organized political opposition based on self-interest exceptionally difficult. Complexity is "good for Jews."

The vast federal structure built up over the last 55 years to watch over us never had anything to do with improving education, stopping urban crime, ensuring that all Americans become productive or any other recognizable meliorative purpose.

Its purpose was to return 2.4% of our population to the comfort zone of the regulated life of classical Judaism.

Israel Shahak explains on page 15:

Shahak argues that much about Israeli politics that gentiles find impossible to understand can be attributed to this cultural nostalgia for a totalitarian and intensely communitarian past that existed in the pre-emancipation Jewish communities of Europe. I would argue that this same yearning - this same cultural nostalgia - explains the murderous political pathology of totalitarian communism, as well as the slyly genocidal regime of cultural destruction we experience from the modern "nanny state" better known as "liberal democracy."

Indeed, the most stunning proof of the essential Jewishness of communism is not so much the large number of Jews who staffed the secret police and the communist party in Russia from 1917 through the end of World War II, but rather that upon expelling Jews from the Russian communist party in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the Goyim who remained became disoriented, and could not longer understand what communism was and what it was trying to accomplish. Having no historical and cultural memory of life in the Jewish stetl, communism in Russia simply withered on the vine, as any nationalist would have predicted. The arrival and departure of communism in Russia are both quintessential racial phenomenon.

Shahak seems to agree. From page 19:

Just before the 1996 election, the Ygg family took a drive through several small rural "German" towns of central Texas. After several hours of touring the scenic towns, I announced that we would find a place to eat lunch. I selected an authentic local barbeque joint and turned into the parking lot.

My 13 year old daughter screamed "No! No! We can't stop here! These people are crazy! They will kill us!

Mrs. Ygg and I were stunned. We looked at each other in disbelief. I said "Where on earth did you get such a silly idea? These people are your distant cousins. They are your racial kinsmen. Why on earth would they want to hurt you?"

Once inside the establishment, teenage daughter calmed down. It turned out that these rural kids looked, talked and acted pretty much like the kids at her suburban high school.

During lunch Mrs. Ygg raised again the issue of whether daytime access to CNBC's market ticker was worth the collateral damage done in 2 hours on Friday nights. She suggested it might be time to cancel cable TV (yet again) and subscribe to BMI, Signal, trade station or whatever else did not carry with it the toxic wastes of Sumner Redstone's MTV.

I was reminded of a book I read 20 years ago by Benjamin Stein called "The view from Sunset Boulevard" (Basic Books, 1977). It is a classic warning by a neo-conservative Jew to his fellow tribesmen that the TV fare they produce is so far removed from reality as to be dangerous to Jews. Stein gingerly explains his mission on page x of the introduction:

Continuing on page xii of the introduction:

Then, beginning on page 11 of the text of the work, Stein gets more specific about the identity of the problem:

Then Stein examines the biases and fears of these writers and producers about small towns in more detail.

Page 63:

Page 70:

Page 71:

When I first read this short masterpiece 20 years ago, I thought it hilariously funny to see Jews airing their dirty laundry in public. But at that time I had no idea about the extent of the cultural decline it would precipitate. As I said earlier, Ben Stein is a neo-conservative. He is a conservative in the sense that he knows the perceptions of these TV writers and producers are contrary to fact, and he assumes that once informed of their error, they will change their ways.

But that is not the way it works. While the paranoid view may be erroneous, its propagation beyond the Jewish nation is immensely advantageous for Jews in their struggle for dominance and power, for it places a wedge between educated suburban whites and their racial cousins. It diverts suburban gentiles from their natural role as leaders of their rural kinsmen, turning them into allies of the Jews, equally uncomfortable with the "peasants" in the countryside.

If you can implant your fears into the broader mass of TV viewers, you do not need to convince them of the benefits of the Rabinnical State with rational arguments, but may rely on irrational fears and emotions. In the era before television, the intellectual assault of Marxism was intended to do precisely the same thing. The Marxist ideology made upper middle class whites fearful of their racial kinsmen thereby stripping the peasantry of the political power which the concept of democracy clearly implied they should have.

Conservatives assume that the irrational impulses that inform the content of television are "accidents" and will reverse themselves on exposure to truth. However, when these impulses are examined for their potential to redistribute political power, it turns out that they are "good for Jews" and have, of course, easily survived Ben Stein's courageous little book.

And the paranoia runs deep. From page 20:

Wow! Only in Occupied America could such silly nonsense survive in our elites, men of immense power and influence!

From page 27:

As for the American military, Stein reports on page 55:

Indeed, the deeper we dig into the Jewish psyche, the more we find blatant racial and tribal motivations.

Israel Shahak explains on page 52:

Continuing on page 53:

Wow! Mr. Shahak, you are lucky to still be alive, and the only reason you are is that Rabbi Cooper of ADL and his ilk in Israel no longer care what is said in books! What they care about is control of the TV. You owe your very life to television!

On page 62:

Continuing on page 63:

Continuing on page 64:

So you see, limited government equals weak government equals pogroms.

And that is the nub of it.

It has nothing to do with whether private welfare would work better than the public dole, or whether educational achievement and upward mobility would be enhanced by educational vouchers. These conservative policies weaken the government and will lead to the killing of Jews.

Jews do not trust us with freedom or limited government.

It is a prejudice that has been around for 2000 years. "Pray for the welfare of the government" said Rabbi Hanina in the first century AD at a time when the New World Order of its day was imposed by Rome.

Those passages in which Shahak explores the blatantly racist precepts that underlie the Jewish religion and the related laws that demand concealment of the truth from outsiders are perhaps the most sensational parts of his book. However, they are not nearly so important as his historical insights quoted above.

His detailed descriptions of the public deceptions about the contents of the Talmud are spectacular.

You should order your own copy ($16, I believe) by e-mailing to ihrgreg@kaiwan.com

But I shall list some of those rules here to give you a flavor of how brazenly we are deceived when our leaders talk about the "Judeo-Christian" tradition:

In addition, a series of special laws apply to gentiles in the land of Israel.

Gentiles typically display one of two reactions to this information. The first is denial - that these xenophobic laws of Judaism must be a fabrication, because no group of educated human beings which so fervently advocates tolerance, compassion and diversity would risk such a brazen public fraud.


The second reaction is to dismiss these laws as ancient nonsense that nobody believes any more.

Christians make the mistake of assuming that Judaism is just another flavor of Christianity. They think that Jews have lost faith just as Christians have. But the content of the Jewish faith is so radically different from the Christian faith that it is much harder to lose.

It is one thing to deny the probability of supernatural events such as the divinity of Christ or the existence of God. But it is quiet another to discard a set of standards for relations with strangers specifically tailored to further your self-interest at their expense. One must be especially skeptical when group behavior consistently indicates that the spirit and, whenever possible, the letter of the old rules is still being followed.

Israel Shahak claims that it is impossible to advocate "civil rights," "pluralism," "tolerance" and "compassion" without first renouncing the Jewish religion. In his view, any Jew who has not renounced Judaism and continues to advocate these liberal causes does so deceptively and only because he knows "pluralism" will weaken his adversaries.

So where does all this leave us?

A very important article appeared on page 1 of the Wall Street Journal on Aug 8, 1991.

My initial reaction was the typical "conservative" response. This seemed to be proof that Jews were not a problem separate and distinct from liberals generally, and that in 60 years their numbers in the U.S. would be substantially diminished. I was comforted in this view by the description of the ethnic consequence of these intermarriages set forth in the article:

It was not until I read Ostrovsky's "By Way of Deception," Seymour Hersh's "The Samson Option" and Israel Shahak's "Jewish History, Jewish Religion" that I recognized the obvious. This demographic threat coming from Jews' own aesthetic sexual preferences would cause the "remnant" to become much more dangerous.

Their conduct proves it.

We have Sayanim all over Europe and the U.S. spying for Israel, and providing them with the latest weapons technology. We have "misgerot" or armed groups of Jews ready to support forcible entry and extraction of Jews by Israel throughout Europe and America.

States do not waste their resources on these kinds of preparations unless they intend to use them.

We have entered into a new chapter in the history of the Jewish people. They are splitting into two groups. One group is generally non-political or not passionately political. They often vote wrong but are trusting enough to discuss their feelings honestly with us. They are often willing to be pursuaded by reasonable arguments backed up by facts.

The other group is a wildly paranoid remnant of true believers, getting bolder and more brazen in their demands now that Israel has the missile technology to deliver their nuclear weapons.

The political activists come from this remnant. The State of Israel is controlled by them. They are broadly incapable of believing that non-jews have anything but murderous intentions toward Jews.

Unfortunately, members of this remnant are often the most intelligent.

In 1943, Oppenheimer and the other Jewish scientists working on the U.S. nuclear bomb passed nuclear secrets to Stalin because Stalin promised Oppenheimer a Jewish homeland inside Russia. It caused us 45 years of fear and an imponderably expensive arms race. Being Jewish means never having to say you are sorry!

Immediately following the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, Ben-Gurion, Peres and Ernst Bergman began working on a nuclear weapon. Bergman had a thorough understanding of the theory. In 1957 a Jewish physicist named Raymond Fox emigrated from California to Israel. Fox "had access to weapons design information at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.... Fox's secrets would be invaluable to the Israelis at Dimona." (The Samson Option, p 91)

Ever since Dimona, the Israeli nuclear production facility, went live sometime between 1964 and 1967, we have seen an escalation in the belligerency and stridency of Israeli and Jewish demands. Prior to 1965 we did not hear much about the Holocaust. But the Holocaust propaganda has escalated markedly since then. It was the possession of nuclear arms that marks the escalation of demands for "reparations" from the industrialized countries of the world.

According to Hersh, Israel threatened to use nuclear weapons against their Arab opponents in the 1967 war if the U.S. did not engage in a massive conventional military supply and assistance mission. Thereafter, the U.S. has paid $5 billions annually and paid $3 billions annually to bribe Israel's neighbors into peaceful relations.

Israel had discovered nuclear blackmail. The worse they behave the more money they make!

Since 1967, the holocaust drumroll has escalated in intensity. Germany now pays pensions to 4.1 million aging Jews under a program to compensate "holocaust survivors." There were only about 1.1 million Jews alive in the camps at the end of the war, but the size and the expense of the program has escalated dramatically in recent years. Indeed, Germany pays about $14 billion (U.S.) per year defraying Israel's old age (Social Security) costs as well as the cost for much of the rest of world Jewry. There are about 16 million Jews worldwide, and 3.5 million of them live in Israel. It is a tiny country. $5 or $10 billions is an enormous sum to them.

What happens in 15 or 20 years when the number of Jews who can claim to have been alive during the Third Reich begins to dwindle rapidly? Does anyone really believe that Israel intends to begin paying its own old-age survivor benefits? Does anyone really believe that Israel will not come up with a new propaganda rationale for why Germany must keep paying, while rattling its nuclear saber in the private councils of European Governments?

Lately, the World Jewish Congress and Israel have set their sights on Switzerland, a wartime neutral, as well as Sweden and Norway. The original pretext for the extortion of Switzerland was that the Swiss had supposedly bought gold confiscated from Jews by Germany. Forget the post-war propaganda and cultural icons like "Sound of Music." History is once again being rewritten, and Switzerland has become like the U.S. and Germany, a bad guy. In order to silence the thunder of the media, Switzerland had to pony up $200 millions (U.S.) even before the facts were investigated. The funds will be passed out to aging Jews without regard to whether they had any gold or not (which was the real objective from the beginning).

Israel has become utterly dependent on these extortions from other countries. If this aid were to be cut off, the Israeli economy and government would collapse.

To ensure that the aid will not stop, Israel has developed medium range missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads anywhere in Europe or Russia. It is working on intercontinental ballistic missiles to ensure successful world-wide extortion. Does anyone really believe that if Israel goes to nation X and threatens to attack nation Y unless nation X pays, that nation X (assuming it is a European nation) won't knuckle under and pay?

Now, under cover of the Israeli Nuclear umbrella, the extortion rackets become ever louder and ever more brazen. For a people consumed with a 2000 year history of fearing "anti-semitism," the rush against Switzerland was incredibly heavy handed. The Swiss are certain to feel outraged and humiliated by this treatment. "Anti-semitism" is sure to increase as a result.

If you look to their actions, as opposed to their propaganda, it becomes clear that the remnant is no longer afraid of provoking anti-semitism. The remnant no longer cares how angry the Swiss get. Switzerland is within easy striking distance of Israel's medium range missiles and has none of its own. The logic of targeting Switzerland for blackmail is impeccable. The arrangement will evolve into a system of permanent tribute.

The U.S. and Russia both loudly proclaimed their nuclear capabilities to the public. Their strategy was to generate political opposition to "first use" within the opponent's domestic population. In contrast, Israel has chosen to remain silent in public about their nuclear arsenal. They are absolutely committed to "first use". But more important, they do not want the people of Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Norway or Italy thinking of them as a nuclear threat. They want these populations to remain as sympathetic as possible to the Jewish cause and agreeable to payment of tribute. However, Israel is quick to boast of its capabilities behind closed doors to the world's political leaders. The threat is clearly and loudly made to the world's governments.

While the U.S. and Russian military leaders proclaim that nuclear weapons are "too horrible to use," neoconservatives like Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb) write articles in National Review (Feb. 10, 1997 p 36) castigating our military for failing to prepare for the day when nuclear weapons _will_ be used. The reason Cohen is so certain that such weapons will be used is that he understands Israel and Israel's ancient law that commands the slaughter of civilians in nations with which it is at war.

Meanwhile, back here in Occupied America, we differ from Palestinians only in our good fortune not to have been born in Eretz Israel. Instead, we have members of the Jewish remnant such as Benjamin Ginsberg, professor of political science at Johns Hopkins, openly bragging in his book "The Fatal Embrace" (University of Chicago Press, 1993) about how easy it was to take political power from us, and openly bragging that we gentiles are incapable of effective political resistance because of our inability to spot the real agendas within the smoke:

Occupied America is still a "free" country if you define freedom to mean the ability to do things that do not anger the powerful.

But then, every society that has ever existed grants this sort of freedom.

In America, you can still be a success and earn a lot of money. If you do, you will find yourself part of a small group supporting the racial grievance lobbies to the tune of $100 billions per year, and you will be supporting a huge subculture of non-productive idlers, many in government employment.

With the money left over after the Rabbinical state is through with you, you might find your reward for your successful business career in the inevitable steady diet of McDonald's hamburgers and pizza or in the blare of mindless TV talk shows and hostile rap music.

You will never even get a thank-you note from the Zionist Occupation Government for the enormous tribute you pay. And inevitably, you and your intelligent cohorts in the glass and steel canyons of the information elites will be pushed ever harder to support the non-productive. After all, the non-productive in Occupied America have the smartest and most successful political leadership on earth.

You can call it freedom if you wish. You could even call it success. Our alien rulers and their front men like Bill Clinton certainly would call it that. But then their power over you depends on their skill at lying to you and their skill at manipulating your moral sentiments.

Your acceptance of the situation depends on your ability to lie to yourself.


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