In part one of this "Occupied America" series, we discussed the network of Sayanim; - tens of thousands of Jews throughout the world who assist Israel's Mossad in gathering intelligence.

We saw how most gentiles view this activity as a sign of "dual loyalty", in that Jews will have a loyalty to their native countries and to Israel, and that the loyalty to Israel is what prompts them to serve as Sayanim.

However, if you think about it, "dual loyalties" would create considerable risk for Mossad. It would be impossible for them to know in advance the strength of the "non-Israel" loyalty, and whether it might be strong enough to cause Jews they approach to turn agents in. (All of this activity is a serious felony in virtually all countries in which it takes place).

However, Victor Ostrovsky, author of "By Way of Deception" quite candidly states that the existence of millions of Jews outside the borders of Israel gives Mossad a "non-risk recruitment tool:"

Now for this system to be "non-risk" these millions of Jews around the world must have only a single loyalty - loyalty to Jews and their interests. In the words of Ostrovsky:

As an example of how this unitary or "single loyalty" works, we then examined the case of Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project, and father of the American atomic bomb, who passed atomic secrets to Russia.

Finally, the prior post listed all of those eligible to be Sayanim in cabinet level positions in our government, and at the very top of all of our major mass media, thus setting forth a prima facie case that America is, in fact, occupied by an alien power. The means, motive and opportunity clearly exist, as does the corpus delicti of a decaying and rudderless America..

In this installment, we are going to examine the heavily armed Jewish groups established and run by retired Mossad officers throughout the world, as a means of examining the question whether this is "Occupied America."

From "By Way of Deception" (St. Martins, 1990) Page 291:

Page 140:

Let's summarize:

Three conditions must obtain before we can conclude that a country is "occupied" by a foreign power. These three conditions or symptoms of occupation must be clear.

Maintaining armed cells throughout the Western world under the direction of foreign agents is profoundly illegal. Our FBI certainly knows about these Misgerot or "frames" but they do nothing about them.

No informants, no infiltrators, no arrests, no armed confrontations - nothing!

Nothing, that is, except deafening silence.

It is obviously not an enforcement priority.

Only the spy Pollard was apprehended and then only because Pollard was completely out of control. His copying of classified documents was so prodigious as to become an embarrassment to his Israeli handlers.

His discovery, as well as the revelations of Ostrovsky, had absolutely zero effect on our FBI. The only reasonable inferences to be drawn from these facts are:

It is ironic. The Soviet Union used the Communist party to spy in America back in the 1940's and 1950's. But they never dared flout U.S. law by arming the communist cells they controlled. Israel's activity is so absolutely and shockingly brazen that it leaves one breathless. The lack of response from our own law enforcement agencies is stunning silent testimony to the reason why Israel and its U.S. loyalists can openly ignore our laws.

Indeed, it is similar in many ways to the scene at Florence and Normandy during the Los Angeles riots. As Reginald Denny was having his brains beat out, a dozen armed police in three cars slowly and quietly backed away from the intersection. It was all captured on camera.

The message was clear. You white citizens are on your own! Do not expect us to protect you, even when we have the clear and overwhelming power to do so.

Message understood, boys!

What we get instead is Feinstein in the Senate and Schumer in the House ranting about how "uncomfortable" they feel living in a country in which people have guns, and trying to convince the middle class to be uncomfortable also. Their discomfort with people owning guns is clearly selective. No mention of the Misgerot, with their full-automatic (and clearly illegal) Uzi's. Jews owning guns is comforting - gentiles owning guns is not!

Our FBI follows the Schumer - Feinstein agenda by assigning thousands of agents to monitor anti-government types. They send out hundreds of informants and provocateurs hoping to talk unsophisticated whites into selling guns or exploding bombs on their own property.

Not surprisingly, they are occasionally successful.

They have enough success that the press is supplied with lurid stories about militias and bombs so that middle class Euro-America will think that the anti-government opposition is physically dangerous and threatening to them.

It is a happy marriage of law-enforcement with news management. They are new at this game, so occasionally they will make public relations mistakes, as with the Waco assault and the killing of Vickie Weaver. But supervisors are reprimanded and reassigned until more media savvy types can be found to replace them.

The fact that our FBI has never busted a Sayan or a Misgerot gives you a pretty clear idea of who they work for. It is a necessary pre-condition of "occupied" status.

But apparently their masters are not happy with mere obedience and loyal service. They demand degradation and humiliation as well.

Several years ago, our FBI was assigned the task of monitoring and analyzing "hate crimes." In an article published by USA Today on Feb. 4, 1996 the FBI announced its statistics. There were 7947 hate crimes. 41% of the hate crimes were "intimidation". Another 23% were vandalism or spray painting.


Our FBI has been assigned the task of monitoring name-calling.

Shouting an epithet at someone from across the street has become a "hate crime" in these United States of the Offended. And of course the graffiti that graces much of our urban landscape in these United States of the Offended has also become a "hate crime" if it contains politically incorrect thoughts or lands on a synagogue.

Our FBI has been reduced to Kindergarten hall monitors ever on the alert for politically incorrect insults.

There are 5 million assaults (unlawful beatings) committed each year in the United States. Blacks commit 7.2 times more interracial assaults than whites. When you correct for the fact that blacks comprise 12% of the population, it is 50 times more likely that a black will assault a white than it is for a white to assault a black.

So apparently, assigning the FBI the job of monitoring and gathering statistics on name calling and politically incorrect midnight artistry provides the media with the basic feedstock required to convince the soccer moms that it is the poor whites with anti-government views who are the dangerous criminals.

At the same time, of course, the Bureau of Justice Statistics has decided to stop gathering data on the race of crime perpetrators and victims. Too much grist for the Internet!

An occupying power will seek to degrade those who obey its command. Like mandatory "sensitivity training," making the FBI cross dress as Ms. Manners is an important psychological tool and an important emblem of power. It is a way of letting every agent know unmistakably who is in charge.

And so, perhaps, the FBI must accept its Ms. Manners - hall monitor role at the same time it serves up press conferences about statistically rare violations by rural militias. Never a nod to policing Israel's spying Sayanim or busting its illegally armed Misgerot. And of course, stopping the vast wave of real crime that engulfs our cities and makes them unsafe for the Soccer Moms to enter at night simply is not part of the agenda at all.

No matter how humbly the boys in the FBI shuffle, it will never be enough.

Having fun in Occupied America?


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