Hey Israelis! Show Us Your Guns Again!

Now isn't this special!

The Mar. 23, 1996 edition of the Los Angeles Times, page A1, reports that the Arab residents of Israel are feeling the heat from the recent terrorist attacks:

Notice the clear us-them reaction on the part of the typical Israeli. People belong to groups and are presumed responsible for the attacks of other members of the group. No surprise to regular readers of this newsgroup.

But the inexplicable quote is the "hissed" statement about killing Clinton. Slick Willie made the trip to give Israel $100 million in extra funds on account of the terrorist attacks.

So why would an Israeli want to kill him?

Not enough tribute?

Rather surprising that an L.A. Times reporter would print this stuff raw and in public.

But not to fear: "Goyim only read the sports page."

So go ahead, Israelis; show us your guns! Let the hate come out for all to see!



[Mar. 23, 1996 Los Angeles Times p A1]

Arabs in Israel Are Now Wary

Many believed accords would end conflict between their state and their people. But backlash after bombings has revived old tensions.


JAFFA, Israel-

The day after a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Tel Aviv mall, bringing the nine-day death toll from Hamas terrorism to 62, Palestinian graduate student Farid Hamdan made the mistake of saying "good morning" to a Jewish acquaintance at Tel Aviv University.

"There's nothing good about it," the woman snapped. "You see what you people have done? "

A few days later, several of Hamdan's students at Jaffa High School No. 12 had a similar encounter while waiting to see President Clinton in Tel Aviv. A young Israeli heard the group of 16-year-olds chatting in Arabic and hissed, "We will kill Clinton and we will kill you too."

Ashouag Khouny, who had gone to the meeting to express her sorrow over the bombings, was stunned.

"I wanted to say that we are not guilty," the 11th-grader said. "But I was a little afraid he meant it, so I didn't say anything."

For Israel's 800,000 or so Arab citizens, the deadly spate of suicide bombings by Islamic fundamentalists has been a double blow. Because three Palestinians were among those killed in the bombings in the past month, the blasts have sown fear among Arab commuters as well as among Jews.

On top of that, Palestinians in Israel say the bombings have dealt a dramatic setback to their hopes for gaining equal rights. Once again, they say, they are being blamed for the carnage carried out by a small group of Palestinian fanatics from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and they have been subjected to a barrage of verbal and physical abuse.

In the face of such hostility, Arab Israelis are lying low. Some say they try not to "look . . ."

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