Hey Israelis, Show us Your Guns!

Interesting article in the Feb. 27, 1996 Edition of the Los Angeles Times, Page 1.

Apparently an Arab-American ran his car into a bus stop killing one Israeli and injuring 15 Jews and 8 Arabs.

Now ain't that interesting!

Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic spearhead for handgun confiscation in America, says that she "feels unsafe" with Americans owning guns. And, indeed, in those states in which her co-religionists are most numerous, it is either illegal to own a gun (New York) or impossible to get a permit to carry one (California). But neither she, nor her co-religionists feels uncomfortable with Israelis packing handguns.

The difference, of course, is pure ethnic hatred - that is - hatred by 80% of Jews toward American whites. One set of rules for us, and another entirely different set for them - all based, in old fashioned Talmudic tradition - on who you are.

The question that each Euro-American must ask when they read this sort of news article is "do I have the same rights as Jews, or do I have lesser rights?"

Why should any Euro-American "feel safe" in a world in which only Israelis and their hireling police forces in the U.S. have guns? Sounds like a prescription for second class citizenship to me!

But even worse, what do the above quotations say about Israeli law?

Suppose that an American black skidded on a rainy street into a crowd of pedestrians, killing one and wounding 23 others. What would happen if white bystanders drew their guns and killed the motorist?

The gunmen would be charged with murder and hate crimes. However, it is perfectly OK for an Israeli Jew to kill the driver of a car that strikes pedestrians based on a superficial examination of the driver's racial identity!

In Israel, the police believe that the bystanders "innocently thought that it was a terrorist attack."

The Israeli media thinks it is ok to shoot possible terrorists as long as the gun-packing civilians doing the shooting are "cautious" before opening fire - presumably to avoid hitting other Jews.

In the United States, blacks violently assault whites 7.5 times more often than whites assault blacks (762,000 to 102,000, according to the latest BOJ statistics.) Corrected for their percent of the population, it is 49 times more likely that an individual black will assault a white than it is for a white to assault a black.

It is at least as probable that a black motorist striking white pedestrians in the U.S. is engaged in a racially motivated assault as it is for an Arab motorist striking Israeli pedestrians to be engaged in a terrorist act. In civilized countries, motorists get a chance to explain themselves. They are not shot by bystanders who the police then describe as "innocent".

The behavior described in the Article above is an absolute outrage, and people must begin to say so, loudly and in public.

Either Euro-Americans should be given the same rights of racial self-defense as Israelis, or the Jews who support Israel but work at the same time in the U.S. to deny us those rights should be silenced politically.

The worst outrage is that our Euro-American politicians routinely condone this double standard, and refuse to condemn the racism of approximately 80% of American Jews who argue one set of rules for Jews and another for the rest of us.


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