Many casual readers of this newsgroup ask "why all the fuss?"

Who cares if the accounts of gassings in Germany 50 years ago were not perfectly accurate?

There is a simple answer.

After the war, Germans were put to death for gassing inmates at camps where all now admit gassings never occurred.

Years after the show trials and retribution ended, people who attempted to set the record straight lost their jobs, were imprisoned, and have been assaulted and had their businesses burned.

The question of motive is important. If the Germans intended merely to move their jewish population to some other land (following a stint at hard labor), then their behavior is no worse (and in many cases, much better) than the behavior of dozens of other peoples in the Twentieth Century who have attempted the same enterprise. The fact that many thousands died of disease and from starvation in the final months of the war, becomes, while tragic, understandable. After all, would Americans of Japanese ancestry interned by our liberals during the same war have met a more gentle fate if the Emperor's forces had captured California in 1944?

The false accusations of gas chambers in locations where none existed expose the murderous side of liberalism.

The falsehoods show clearly that beneath the manipulative masks of "compassion" and "caring", lies a brutality, lust for power and concealed ethnic hatreds that liberals do not want you to see.

That is what the revisionist fuss is all about.

Recently we have seen how some bizarre sexual practices within a Texas religious cult in Waco became an excuse for a tank assault and mass death by fire. The leader of the cult could easily have been arrested, and the slaughter avoided, on any one of his regular trips to the local grocery store.

We saw how a warrant for failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge is transformed into an armed assault on a family living in harmless social isolation in Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The marginally literate offender appeared on the wrong date typed on his summons by a clerk and decided not to appear again. The local sheriff could have straightened out the misunderstanding and brought him in easily. Instead, federal marshals and FBI snipers rewrote the "rules of engagement" for this special occasion, and shot his 14 year old son and his wife. In each case, the liberal establishment portrays the objects of these armed slaughters as social undesirables. Because they are Christian fundamentalists with anti-egalitarian views, the government is free to treat them like wild animals and kill them wantonly, cutting off the normal procedures for a fair factual examination of their alleged wrongdoing.

Our liberal elites roundly approve.

The press and the media did their usual artful job of stirring up prejudice among the middle class and of procuring social acceptance for these slaughters of undesirables with images of a cult leader having sex with children, in one case, and of white separatist political beliefs, in the other.

Civilized countries are supposed to maintain dispassionate forums that isolate emotion and prejudice when finding the facts of guilt or innocence. However, our liberal elites reserve the right to apply the extra-judicial process of the sniper and the battle tank to fundamentalist Christians, anti-egalitarians and other political undesirables with politically incorrect ideas.

Liberals applied the same techniques 50 years ago following the Second World War, but on a broader scale.

50 years ago, German prison guards were machine gunned to death by American troops for gassing inmates at camps where no gas chambers ever existed.

Camp commandants were tried at Nuremburg, convicted and then hung or jailed for running gas chambers based on testimonies conceded by all 30 years later to be false.

More recently, we have the spectacle of dozens of impassioned witnesses in an Israeli court pointing at John Demjanjuk and identifying him as "Ivan the Terrible" of Treblinka, when documents from newly opened Russia demonstrated that Demjanjuk was not Ivan and was never stationed at Treblinka. (Demjanjuk was also 2 inches shorter than Ivan.)

One may be tempted to dismiss the inaccuracies as a natural byproduct of the urge for retribution by members of the ethnic group rounded up for deportation.

But much more is at stake here.

In a century when all of humanity was been breaking the bonds of colonialism and asserting the right to establish their own ethnic states and racial nations, the liberal power structure has come under profound threat.

As competing sources of raw materials multiplied during the 20th Century, it became tolerable for peoples outside of Europe and North America to liberate themselves from boundaries of states drawn without regard to ethnic and racial identity. However, with the value of knowledge and technology as inputs to the industrial process increasing, any extension of the same principle to the European race is profoundly threatening to the liberal order.

The real power in our world comes from control of peoples in advanced industrial economies.

The false gas chamber allegations were an essential prop for the creation of a new secular myth that makes any effort by European peoples to establish an ethnic or racial state "uniquely evil."

Billions of dollars have been spent propagating the message that any racially based movement for self-determination among whites must lead to "homicidal gas chambers." In the eyes of our murderous liberal elites, the lives of a few German guards and officers, like the lives of the Weavers, were well spent in a worthwhile endeavor.

And why, exactly, is this socialist enslavement so important to preserve? - Because liberals are free to import non-whites without protest, drive down the price of labor temporarily, identify new social problems caused by the "discriminatory outcomes" for non-whites and then increase taxes on the productive to solve the problem.

They also have the right to elevate final consumer demand through mass advertising free of any practical effects from the anti- materialist ideals of traditional religions or the anti- materialist values of racial independence movements.

Of the two opponents of the consumerist liberal enterprise, traditional religions can be tolerated. Racial and ethnic nationalism cannot.

For if you examine the record of the latter half of the twentieth century, you will quickly realize that there is only one force actually capable of reconfiguring borders, governments and tax burdens all at the same time. Traditional religions cannot accomplish such a task.

In the latter half of the Twentieth Century, our liberal elites have been forced by circumstance to apply such a blatant double standard to ordinary people of European ancestry that the truth is beginning to bubble to the surface.

Few people of European Ancestry would have drawn any parallels from the ethnic self-determination movements sweeping the rest of the world if they had not been burdened by domestic racial preferences. The liberal establishment was forced to grant racial preferences to non-whites living within Europe and North America as the price of buying their votes.

It is the broad recognition that domestic racial preferences for non-Europeans impose real costs that creates a new feedback loop in which those bearing that cost re-examine society's taboos.

Do multi-racial empires anywhere actually work?

Is the integrationist moral paradigm motivated by self interest?

Is the integrationist moral paradigm part of a campaign to convince a once great people that the meaning of life really is wearing Levi's jeans and drinking Coke?

Must all European or Euro-American ethnic or race-based independence movements be "uniquely evil," as we have been taught?

Has European history of 50 years ago been distorted to deny Europeans freedom as the rest of humanity defines freedom?

Does the liberal elite have an intense interest in the images of slaughter from Bosnia while hoping you forget about the peace and prosperity in the newly created Czech and Slovak republics nearby?

A very small voice hidden among the branches of that mythic Nordic Tree of Life suggests that it might be time for free inquiry.


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