The Censorious Impulse

After innumerable battles with the net censors who complain and block access to anonymous remailers, I decided to open an account in Yggdrasil's name and post directly from it.

What the hell! Life is short, right!

But along the way, I had an interesting experience with - of all things - another net censor!

I signed up for a PPP account with IDT (International Discount Telecommunications). Their adds loudly ask: "Why go with the major online services when they control what you see and what you read? With IDT, you get access to the entire internet."

Well, not exactly!

They block access to alt.skinheads, alt.revisionism, alt.politics.nationalism.white, and alt.politics.white.power.

That is not exactly the entire internet.

Even more curious, their web browser software served up a pre-selected list of suggested newsgroups for beginners. It was loaded with porn-picture groups. The first ones up were kiddie and teen specials.

To you and I, "free speech" means that any one may say or print anything he pleases. But to our East Coast liberals it means something entirely different.

How can I put this delicately?

Lets just say that for our East Coast elites, the real definition of "free speech" reads something like this:

Halachic logic admittedly, but an accurate reflection of the reality under which we all live.

Ironically, most Federal Judges now on the bench attended law school at a time when SDS (children of the East Coast elite who believed that communism was sexy) and the Berkeley "free speech" riots were in full flower. Back then, militias, the internet and white nationalism did not exist. There was nothing on the right to censor. So the halachic double meaning was left out, and the dumb goy lawyers were allowed (unwisely, as it turns out) to learn that "free speech" should be construed in accordance with its "plain meaning."

But not to worry. Law students nowadays are busy crafting speech and "harassment" codes for their universities and suppressing speech with a vengeance. No need to teach them the new halachic construction of "free speech." Much safer to just set them to work authoring the harassment codes. Then their ambitions will cause them to internalize and act on the meaning without ever having to verbalize it on the conscious level.

Regardless of ethnic origin, in 20 years our federal judges will understand perfectly that any public profession of faith that offends Jewish sensibilities, and any motivational defense of Western Civilization or public identification of the collective interests of European-Americans that offends blacks and browns is "harassment" and must be suppressed.

Laws are tools of convenience and control in the hands of our liberal elites.

With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to catalogue all of the net censorship that readers of this group might have encountered. Is this practice widespread? At the universities? Among commercial access providers?

If your university blocks access to newsgroups or web-sites, post a reply. If you know of a commercial provider who blocks access post as well. Let's stir up some of that many-to-many communication that allows us to monitor the establishment!


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