Jews, Intermarriage and Change

[originally posted to alt.revolution.counter]

In fact _some_ Jews are every bit as aggressive and hostile toward whites as blacks. Although they do not engage in criminal violence, they do display block voting characteristics. 80% for Clinton, for example. As you mention, their cultural aggression against Christianity and non-Jewish whites has also been rather extreme.

I might also add, for the record, that I do not buy the argument that communist slaughters in the first half of the 20th century were non-racial. I firmly believe that they were racially motivated. - But of course, if you are a small minority you will not want to slaughter your entire host, and you will be scrupulously careful to conceal your racial motives behind universalisms like "equality".

But having said all that, I feel that we must look in the windshield at what is ahead, rather than looking in the rear view mirror at what is past.

We should not attack Jews as a group because of their past aggressions. The reason is simple.

As a group they are changing very rapidly. We should let that happen. We should not slow down that process by forcing them to circle the wagons in defense against us. We have nothing to gain by doing that.

Edgar Bronfman (Seagrams - Chairman of the AJC) wrote in the Wall Street Journal last week that the Jewish rate of intermarriage has now reached _70%_.

No, that is not a typo - 70%.

Neoconservative Jews are defenders of Western Civilization and would be welcome in a European-American nation.

Howard Stern, the redneck Jew, is emblematic of an even more significant movement of Jews out of the psychological ghetto of fear, and into mainstream European-American popular culture. When Howard Stern berates blacks, he is not overcome by fear that turning his goyish audience against blacks might lead to discrimination against Jews as well. Forty years ago that would have been an automatic reaction among all Jews. Today, that fear seems as implausible to most Jews as would a fear that stirring up anti-black sentiment would lead inexorably to discrimination against the Irish.

Jews in the Howard Stern/Andrew Dice Clay mold do not consider themselves threatened by other whites. Psychologically they feel that they _are_ whites, and I see no reason to try to change their minds.

Put baldly, before you attack the Jews, you must answer the question - "Which Jews?"

And, of course, if you answer that question honestly, you will have to admit that the Jews that upset you are a moving and rapidly shrinking target. Let us wait and see what becomes of them! Pointing out the destructiveness of jewish politics and jewish hostility to Christianity is one thing, but ethnic based attacks based on the assumption that jewish hostility toward Whites is an immutable _racial_ characteristic seems silly.

First, as Bronfman argues, the race is disappearing. Second, if we fall into the trap of assuming that obnoxious jewish political views and hostility toward Christianity are immutable _racial_ characteristics then it is certain that our adversaries will argue that White Nationalists might spot similar flaws in other Euro-American ethnic groups, thereby disqualifying them from inclusion in the White Nation.

Stay off that slippery slope, comrades!

With modern databases and information sources, we can easily identify and deal with the offending individuals when the time comes.

The trend is your friend!


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