Deep Cultures - Part III - Christ the Tiger!

As I demonstrated in earlier posts entitled "Deep Cultures - Part I" and "Deep Cultures - Part II," the Jews have a rather powerful fear of Christianity.

Many young White Nationalists have developed a contempt for Christianity. They view it as passive, weak and ineffective. They argue that it is a "semitic religion" designed to weaken us.

They turn instead to Christian identity or paganism.

Ironically, while the Jews are frightened of Christianity, White Nationalists view it as too wimpy and passive. Who is right?

In the spirit of Easter, it is time to ask whether T.S. Eliot's poetic image is accurate. Do we really have "Christ the Tiger?"

In part, we have become the victims of our own declining literacy. Few Christians understand that all modern Jews are "Pharisees," believers in the "oral law" passed down in the Talmud.

Christ the Tiger had a few words about the Talmud and Talmudic (Halachic) reasoning.

Let's review them:

Could Christ the Tiger give a more clear warning about double dealing and saying one thing while doing another? Must Christians ignore his words?

Doesn't Christ the Tiger clearly say that the Pharisees do not enter heaven themselves and prevent the faithful from entering as well?

Talmudic Rabbis sons of hell? - Strong words Christ!

Apparently Christ the Tiger doesn't like halachic logic. Probably would not like the Marxist incarnation of it either. He is telling you that Talmudic reasoning is just complexity that enhances rabbinical power and twists the commandments of God into their opposites.

Again it is hard to conceive of words that more clearly command us to be on the alert for hidden agendas and double meanings. Any hint here that Christ the Tiger wants his followers to be gullible and stupid?

Would Christ the Tiger feel comfortable at a dinner meeting of the Conference of Christians and Jews?

Indeed it is hard to imagine language that more clearly un-chooses the Talmudic Jews. "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?"

It is a major rant!

Indeed Christ the Tiger spends many more words warning us away from the dangers and deceptions of Talmudic Judaism than he does of, for example, pre-marital sex.

In those bibles that print Christ the Tiger's words in red, you will see that it fills an entire page.

Most modern clergy are so busy attending banquets of the Conference of Christians and Jews that they have little taste for attending the words of Christ the Tiger. Indeed, Matthew 23 is an embarrassment to them.

I am afraid that many of you hot-heads who are turning away from Christianity are reacting to cowardly modern clergymen.

But if you look closely, you may see a Tiger lurking.


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