Deep Cultures - Part II

In a previous post, Deep Cultures - Part I, I reproduced some quotations from a book by Stephen Issacs arguing that "Jewish Liberalism" is a myth, and that Jews are merely voting for a vision of society in which they feel safe.

I argued that this is the reason that powerfully destructive policies are tolerated by their advocates. The effects of those policies on the direct recipients are not nearly so important as the psychic effect on the Jewish proponents of these policies.

What matters is the "statement" that such policies make about the kind of society that we are. A little destruction of non-Jews just isn't that important.

In this Part, I reprint some quotations from a very important book written by Irving Howe in 1976. It is called "World of Our Fathers," and is a comprehensive history of the arrival of Russian Jews in America from 1880 to 1920.

The purpose of the book is to teach young Jews what it means to be Jewish.

Now the parentage of this volume is unquestioned. It is modern, it is not a "forgery" and can still be found on sale at any B. Dalton's, and at WaldenBooks across the nation.

What you find, when you read this perennial seller, is that young Jews are taught to be profoundly antagonistic towards Christianity.

We find on page 182:

Now suppose that a WASP wrote a book to other WASPs suggesting that a "shudder that passed through them on walking past a [synagogue]" was a normal and desirable feeling. In fact, WASPs do not shudder when they see a synagogue.

The truth is that "pluralism" and "tolerance" are not possible in a society when one group reserves the right to teach its children to revile other religions and distrust other peoples. It is a kind of bald hypocrisy that should be publicly opposed because it has consequences.

But there is more.

Irving Howe explains the political and social significance of Lenny Bruce to young Jews on page 572:

The fact that Jews understand this joke is rather frightening. No Christian would ever guess that Jews would even fantasize about burning all the Churches. But the suggestion by Bruce that this is a normal action of the unrestrained Jewish "id" is scary because it exposes the motive force behind the drive for "tolerance," civil rights activism, and all of the other unworkable policies advocated by 80 to 90% of Jews.

But then it removes much of the mystery as to why and how such destructive political policies can remain in place year after year without change. Powerful irrational motives support them.

Continuing on page 572:

For Jews, hostility and fear are tied more to Christianity than to race. That is why so much of our cultural fare from the mass media is so profoundly anti-Christian. A gentile script-writer or producer cannot produce an explicitly pro-Christian show without offending the Jews who work around him. Thus, no such entertainment is produced.

Continuing on page 633:

There you have it! "[A]ntigentile feeling by their parents, contempt for churches and goyim." And in response to the question why such anti-gentile feelings are different when indulged by Jews, we get the classic response:

Ethnically based Jewish hostility is justified by "all but endless collective experience." On the other hand, the racial and religious feelings of other groups are bad because they might threaten Jews.

Elegantly simple, isn't it!

Continuing on page 633, Howe suggests that the possibility of aggression by others justifies preemptive aggression by Jews:

The ideas and feelings quoted above are classic symptoms of life in the multi-racial and multi-ethnic empire. Veiled ethnic and religious hatreds from those preaching "tolerance". In the multi- racial empire, "tolerance" is always selective.

But having lived for thousands of years scattered in the "diaspora" of other cultures, Jews have naturally used those thousands of years to perfect the techniques of the veiled attack.

It is a technique that any group must master to survive amongst alien peoples.

But if the group to which you belong must be honest and straight with others, then your group had best separate itself into a separate nation, or it will not survive.

To separate from those others in peace (provided they are so inclined!) would be a blessing.


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