1. Do you deny that the Holocaust happened?

2. So what is it you want to revise?

3. What would lead you to believe that the Holocaust story is exaggerated?

Method A. -- Steam cooking.

Method B. -- Steam suffocation

Method C. -- The vacuum chamber

Method D. -- Poison gas.

Method E. -- Electrocution

Method F. -- Delayed Action Gas

Method G. -- Rifle and Machine Gun Fire

Method H. -- Diesel Exhaust

The official Holocaust record appears to be a chaotic jumble of inconsistent and unbelievable accusations.

4. Who would have a motive to muddle the original historical record?

The victorious allies.

Many of the camp survivors (both Jews and non-Jews) were prison trustees. They had to do this to survive.

The German POWs hope for lenient treatment.

Virulent German haters among the Anglo-saxon and Gallic victors who serve as Nuremberg prosecutors.

U.S politicians need to give the American people a moral reason for entry into the war.

Finally, you have a New German government.

5. Why would anyone want to exaggerate the extent of the holocaust 50 years after the war?

6. Is the need for victim status on the part of an elite group rational?

7. Why shouldn't we just let Jews believe and say what they want about the Holocaust?

You must make your own decision.


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