Ok. I confess. I did a naughty thing.

I ordered a copy of Rassinier's "Holocaust Story" from that naughty place in California that nice people are not supposed to know about. I read the thing.

Once past the story of his own internment at Buchenwald and Dora, I could have sworn that I was reading a chapter from Mackay's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds".

The charm of understatement.

Here we have victorious allies who must reestablish government in Germany. They have to impose a constitution upon Germany and have it accepted as legitimate. No small task!

The allies have to kill or imprison Himmler and the rest, or they would run for election in the new government, win, and start the thing all over again.

Solution? Stage a bunch of trials and convict them as war criminals. A bit inconvenient for Anglo-saxon victors who cherish trial by jury for themselves (No ordinary German folk on any juries here!) and prohibit application of ex-post-facto laws to themselves (Vide the views of the late Justice Black).

So the "crimes" have to be pretty outrageous to allow them to apply not their own law to the Germans, but a version especially created "pro haec vice".

Enter the crowd.

First, we have the survivors. Many were prison trustees, who stole food rations, set the labor pools, operated the crematoria, and (if any existed) ran the gas chambers as well.

They must inflate the German atrocities to deflect attention from themselves.

You have the lesser inmates who, naturally, resent their treatment, exaggerate, and repeat camp rumors.

You have the German POWs, hoping for lenient treatment, anxious to please the allied authorities with "good stories" about the camps.

You have virulent German haters among the Anglo-saxon and Gallic victors who will say and do anything to persecute the vanquished. (Rassinier says little about them. But I bumped into them often in Sunday School in the 50s and even as late as 1971, in Berlin, when I had to stop a fight between two aging U.S. Master Sergeants and some Berlin border guards in an NCO club. The invective was unbelievable, a minor jolt to international relations!)

You have U.S politicians who need to give the American people a moral reason for entry into the war. The balance of power in Europe is a tad abstract.

Finally, you have a New German government that will view any dispute about the truth of the war crimes verdicts at Nuremberg as a threat to its own legitimacy.

All the ingredients are present for the happy marriage of myth creators and myth preservers.

Jews really didn't have much of a role in concocting this mess!

But they went along for the ride, and now that the creators have basically lost interest, they are stuck defending it.

Fess up, boys! If you had been in charge, there would not have been so many loose ends, now, would there! (Soap, lampshades, and reports of gas chambers where there clearly weren't any!)

A particular passion on this newsgroup is "documentation".

Among you holocaust defenders, if something is documented, it is assumed to be true. Let me suggest that in the goy world that is largely responsible for the shape and content of the holocaust story, documentation means only that the proponent of an idea has resources and time. It does not necessarily mean that the documented proposition is true.

I would refer you to the text of the search warrant written by BATF agents and signed by a judge in 1993 (modern times!), preparatory to the invasion of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas. (talk.politics.guns)

Carefully "documented" in that warrant is the possession of anti-tank rockets and a belt-fed 50 calibre machine gun on the premises. Also carefully "documented" is a bunch of hearsay and salacious gossip of disgruntled neighbors and liberal social workers alarmed at Koresh's polygamy.

The problem is, that after the fire, no trace of a 50 cal. machine gun or any anti-tank rockets could be found. That which was documented was false!

Illegally altered small arms were found, but nothing with the military significance of an anti-tank rocket or a "50". The really big stuff in the story was a crock!

Even today, prosecutors and police routinely pad their claims. It is their job to gather and carefully "document" every possible rumor and statement, no matter how low its probative value. They introduce all they can get into evidence and hope the jury buys it. Of course, at the Nuremburg trials, the verdicts were pre-ordained by political necessity.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that affidavits, statements, confessions etc. extracted by police and prosecutors at the end of WW-2 were true. They were not intending to write books of the Talmud.

Don't defend the indefensible. Anyone who has read Machiavelli's Prince is going to understand the powerful motives for exaggeration behind the holocaust story. 1.5 million dead ain't a bad story. Accept it and go in peace.

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