Man, this alt.revisionism group surprised the hell out of me!

My father, a WW-2 vet, taught me that the Germans made soap and lampshades out of the jews.

Man, those SS guys were REALLY TWISTED!

I find out there was no soap and no lampshades!

Could the SS be only half-twisted?

I find out that many of the camps were "labor camps", some, such as Aushwitz, were mixed "labor" and "death" camps, while four pure "death" camps were located in remote areas.

OK, but now my weak brain is starting to fail. We have camps reflecting multiple purposes, some inconsistent with extermination. In the "mixed use" camps, these purposes exist side-by-side.

We have an evil Hitler who orders a "final solution", but an SS that somehow leaves a million survivors hollering like stuck pigs for the next 50 years!

Is the SS incompetent? Did they miss the movies of Joe Stalin herding capitalists dressed up like peasants off trains and shooting them on the spot?

And now the lesser mind truly fails me. I learn that the SS used diesel engines to gas inmates at the four "death camps".

Diesel engines???

These guys invented binary nerve agents. Hitler had a warehouse of the stuff and refused to use it in battle! Did he refuse to use it in death camps as well? Such incredible chivalry!

Did the SS forget about potassium cyanide? How about mustard gas?

This whole thing begins to sound like a rogue operation cooked up by some sergeant somewhere!!

But wait!

Maybe it was the German people, pulling up to camps in their trucks, gassing a few jews, and then driving home! Sort of like the way hippies drove to Woodstock! After all, Hitler took their guns, so how else could they do it?

That's it! The gassings were a spontaneous expression of reflexive hatred by average Germans. The German people were so evil that the camps could carry out their purposes with jaded motorists bored by the new autobahns and seeking new thrills.

Talk about guilt!! I'll try it out on Dad, and see if he likes it better than soap and lampshades!

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