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The first 15 items are from Yggdrasil's "Holocaust Revisionism" series. The remainder discuss broader themes of Jewish and Israeli involvement in US affairs.

1. Of Soap, Lampshades and Diesel Engines
2. Madness of Crowds
3. Vermont Royster's 1.5 Million
4. Uses of a Holocaust - Arms Sales
5. Uses of a Holocaust - Israel Aid
6. Uses of a Holocaust - Settlement Aid
7. Uses of a Holocaust - Fundraising
8. Tactics of a Leveraged Investment
9. Of "Jewish Soap" and Veiled Hatreds
10. Tender Hearts of The SS
11. None Could Be So Craven
12. The Sigmund Freud Card
13. Beyond Freud - The Mapplethorpe Card
14. Yggdrasil's Holocaust FAQ
15. Nine Views of the Meaning of the Holocaust
16. Deep Cultures I
17. Deep Cultures II
18. Christ the Tiger!
19. Jews, Intermarriage & Change
20. A Jewish Master Plan
21. Censorious Impulses
22. The "Grinch"
23. Significance of Non-Existent Chambers
24. Hey Israel, Show us Your Guns
25. Hey Israel, Show us Your Guns Again!
26. Occupied America Part I: Sayanim
27. Occupied America Part II: The Misgerot
28. The Devil Makes Them Do It!
29. Occupied America Part III: Politics and Money
30. Occupied America Part IV: An Ugly Trend
31. What It Would Take to Cleanse Serbia
32. Princeton Tries to Explain a Drop in Jewish Enrollment; or "What is Communism?"


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