Race Bias #22- "Pressure Your Suppliers"

We learned in Race Bias #21 that large corporations set aside a certain fraction of their purchases for minority suppliers.

But it goes further - much further than that!

Here is an example of a program run by Chrysler pressuring _its_ suppliers do the same thing, - set aside a portion of their purchases for minority suppliers. Chrysler is behaving like a government, indulging in social and political engineering.

And all of this is based on race, not economic status.

Poor Whites who have started a small business need not apply.



DETROIT (AP) -- A 17-month-old Chrysler Corp. program that encourages the automaker's big suppliers to buy from minority-owned businesses has nearly doubled the total spent on such contracts, the company says.

The program asks Chrysler's direct suppliers to buy at least 5 percent of their supplies from minority-owned businesses.

Chrysler's direct suppliers bought $221 million worth of products from minority companies in 1993, Chrysler said. In the first half of this year, the total was $202 million.

About 80 percent of the Chrysler's direct suppliers have made efforts to reach the 5 percent target, the company said.

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