Race Bias #15 - "Why 'The Bell Curve' is so Dangerous"

Liberal integrationists never mention the real reason they are frightened to death of "The Bell Curve." Dozens of critical reviews and propagandistic critiques have appeared in the popular press. A massive smear campaign is on. As it happens, there is an excellent reason for this smear campaign.

Buried deep in the book is data so explosive that it cannot be mentioned publicly.

The liberals are hoping that if you read the book, you will concentrate on the passages dealing with differences in the distribution of intelligence between races.

Educated people have known about the heritability of intelligence ever since Jensen published his "Genetics and Education" in 1972.

Ditto for differences in average distribution of intelligence by race - old news.

The integrationists are making all kinds of noise about peripheral issues.

Over the past few weeks Yggdrasil has posted excerpts from a series of news reports of specific race preference schemes carried out by businesses voluntarily in the private sector. Each has a specific example of discrimination against European- Americans.

While these articles are illuminating, all that they really prove is that discrimination against European-Americans occurred in the specific instances discussed in each article.

This is what we call "anecdotal evidence". It proves nothing about the _extent_ of discrimination against European-Americans as a whole, nationwide. The articles only prove that it has occurred.

But Herrnstein and Murray have given us something much more powerful than anecdotal evidence of discrimination. They have given us statistical evidence of the extent of job discrimination against European-Americans, and the extent of that discrimination is going to shock you.

When you measure the occupational attainments of samples of whites, blacks and hispanics with equal numbers of people with the same mental abilities, blacks have twice the number of people in high status occupations as whites, and latinos 1.5 times more than whites of the same ability.

The affirmative action programs and race preferences for people of color have resulted in blacks obtaining twice the number of desirable jobs at any given ability level as whites.

The discussion appears on page 321.

In other words, you cannot measure discrimination by simply measuring the absolute number or percentage of European-Americans in high IQ jobs. To test for discrimination you must correct for the fact that there are many more European-Americans with high IQs as a percent of the population.

To test for discrimination, you have to test equal numbers of persons of the same ability, and when you do that, you find that blacks get twice the number of good jobs. For Latinos, it is 1.5 times the number of good jobs.

That is statistical evidence of massive discrimination against European-Americans.

As an aside, it was an article by this same Charles Murray, quoted in Yggdrasil's Lesson 4, that aroused Yggdrasil from his long period of inactivity.

In that article, Professor Murray pointed out that the illegitimacy rate among European-Americans had reached 24%, a tipping point at which additional illegitimacy and societal decay accelerate dramatically.

As you read this, an army of 5 million illegitimate young European-American male babies is being born. They will be young adults in 20 years.

The Ygg may be too old to participate when things get really hot 20 years from now, but heat up they will!

It is going to be a very exciting 20 years. -- Stay tuned!


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