Race Bias #9 - "Quota Beneficiary Survey Results"

Here is a snippet from the Wall Street Journal indicating that beneficiaries of quotas and preferences admit to benefitting from them notwithstanding the political utility of denial.

Note also how long this has been going on.

When will it end?



Aug. 28, 1979 Wall Street Journal p 1 c 3

RACE AND SEX can help more than hinder efforts to get an education.

That view emerges from a survey of 20,000 young persons who finished high school in 1972 and went on to college. Asked in late 1976 if they had been treated unfairly or received special advantages because of race, about 19% of the blacks said they had been treated unfairly, but 25% felt they had special advantages. Among Hispanics, the differential was 13% saying they had been hindered and 22% saying they had been helped.

The study, conducted by Research Triangle Institute of North Carolina, also indicates that being a female was considered a liability by 9% of black women, 8% of Hispanic women and 3% of white women. But it was considered an advantage by 28% of blacks, 22% of Hispanics and 11% of whites.

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