Race Bias #6 - "Race Conscious Private Hiring"

More evidence of explicit minority racial preferences in hiring by large corporations is reprinted below.

Might the executive recruiting industry have a powerful vested interest in lobbying for continuation of the race-based hiring policies that our Media calls "affirmative action?"


* * *

Jan 26, 1993 Wall Street Journal p B-1

Seeking Minority Talent For Higher Levels DEMAND for minority managers is heating up, executive recruiters say.

Richard Clarke Associates, a New York-based firm that specializes in searches for minority managers reports its minority-search assignments jumped 50% in September from a year earlier. Amanda Fox, a vice president in the Chicago office of recruiters Paul R. Ray & Co., says businesses request minorities and women in 65% of the firm's executive searches, up from 40% a year ago.

One reason for the increase: Corporations that haven't successfully promoted minorities now are looking outside for qualified candidates to fill senior positions. Richard Clarke, president of the search firm bearing his name, says companies realize they must diversify their top ranks to remain competitive in recruiting lower-level talent.

Recruiters say most searches for minority executives are to fill director and vice presidential positions in the sales, marketing and computer fields.

The increased demand is prompting many search firms to set up separate arms for minority recruiting. Ward Howell, a New York firm, established a diversity practice last year. Though it focuses mainly on finding minority talent, the unit also advises companies on retaining and promoting minority employees, says Larry Poore, its head. * * *

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