Race Bias #3 - "Minority Engineers"

In much of the racial dialogue in the U.S., integrationists dispute the simple fact of anti-white bias in the system. Of course, the media generally propagate our national myths; - myths intended to hide the ball from the majority. But there is one major daily newspaper that consistently reports facts that are inconsistent with our national myths.

So you white-nationalists and ultra-conservatives will want to save every one of Yggdrasil's _daily_ posts in this series, each with excerpts from a different article on the operation of race preferences in the United States.

The following article inaugurates this series on private anti- white bias by U.S. companies.

A tidbit on private racial preference schemes from




By Leon E. Wynter


Minority Grads Remain In Demand Despite Slump

THE recession is crimping job offers for college seniors, but competition will remain stiff for talented minority graduates, consultants say.

About 225 companies, filling all available slots, are vying for this spring's 125 engineering graduates at Howard University. Slots to see non-engineers are still available, but the black university is demanding more from companies that have visited for years but left few job offers behind.

"We have to ask them, `Why are you coming?'" says Samuel Hall Jr., placement director. To improve their chances of landing Howard graduates, Mr. Hall says, employers should commit to work with faculty and support the school with money and resources.

Maury Hanigan, a New York consultant who devises recruiting strategies for Polaroid, Colgate-Palmolive and other firms, cautions, "If a company is just starting to get active and serious with minorities, it may be too late." Especially on black campuses, Ms. Hanigan says, a company's record in hiring and promoting blacks plays a major role in determining recruiting success, making it hard to play catch-up. After summer internships, returning students quickly research others' experiences at various companies "as if it were another course," Ms. Hanigan says. * * *

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