Here is an advertisement the Anti-Defamation League published on the op-ed page (p A31) of the New York Times on June 4, 1997.

It is the notorious "Jail - A Place for Everyone" ad.

The ad is grim and crude - hamfisted in the extreme. It is so crude one wonders about the intended audience. Indeed, the Hollywood moguls are smoother. When they want to promote "tolerance" they produce propaganda pieces like "Pocahontas" in which blond white males are portrayed succumbing to the lure of light skinned mulattoes, Aryan in form and stature, but with fuller lips, a moderate tan and large breasts.

Say what you like about the Hollywood moguls, they know how to come up with propaganda that white men will watch.

The advertisement below is another thing entirely. One can only hope that the ADL did not run this ad in Peoria or Dubuke. A recent poll run by the Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University found that fear of crime had doubled in the last 20 years, but that fear of "hate crimes" was at the bottom of the list, below fear of children getting porn on the Internet. Only the severely paranoid believe that "hate crimes" are a serious problem in America.

The headline in effect says, we create places for all of you in America, and if you don't like your place, we have jails, lots of jails. Message understood Rabbi Foxman!

This is the kind of ad that can only appeal to the Stalinist, totalitarian mindset of the ADL's own contributors. But at least we now have clear identification of the constituency that favors the police state, suppression of free speech, and the abolition of traditional freedoms in the U.S.

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