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There is much in the news lately about an impending attack on Iran, and certainly a great deal of sabre rattling by Israel and the U.S.

However, the crashing gold price is telling us it won't happen. Investment markets can be wrong at times, but it may be more important for the big zionist money to halt the gold rally, and perhaps pick up a little on the cheap in this correction than to bleed the American empire white too quickly with another military adventure.

Preserving the vast wealth of the tribe is likely to trump the blood lust of the neocons, and rising gold prices could create a crisis for the oil backed dollar and thus the current engine of wealth creation for the wire pullers who control what Bush actually does.

The situation bears monitoring.

For several years Japan has capped long term interest rates the World over and kept stock markets Worldwide at lofty valuations by holding Yen interest rates at zero and gunning its money supply. This allowed investors World wide to borrow in Yen at zero percent and invest in dollar denominated bonds at 4% or more, while Japan was holding its currency in a narrow band against the dollar, thereby minimizing currency risk.

This vast distortion of paper asset markets is now coming to an end as Japan is leaking to the media that it will stop expanding its money supply (making short term loans for these "carry trades" less available).

Thus, it is a good time to buy those near-the-money puts on the NDX, SPX and RUT (QQQQ,SPY,IWM) for Sept and Oct expiration - the end and expected low point in the four year cycle. The odds favor it.



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