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Oct. 26, 2001

That collector from Northern Virginia prods me once again to set forth clearly those "last things" - the flying ultimatums - which cannot be discussed publicly in America.

First, let us look at Bin Laden's demand or ultimatum. He has repeatedly and consistently stated that there will be no peace in America until:

Notice that all three of these demands relate to our activities within Arab territory. Bin Laden is not demanding that the U.S. surrender Dearborn, Michigan.

In fact, we could concede the above three demands with no adverse impact whatever upon America or its interests. Indeed, if public debate were allowed, it could reasonably be argued that Bin Laden is merely demanding that we take actions that are broadly consistent with our self interest.

The very reasonableness of his demands is a public embarrassment, causing our government to issue an unusual man-bites-dog demand to its boss, the controlled media, requesting that Bin Ladin's utterances be kept off the air. Reason enough indeed to re-frame the issue and relentlessly pound the American public with a message that Bin Laden is not, contrary to his words, demanding our exit from the Arab world, but rather that he is demanding that we change our own essential values.

The propaganda campaign is absolutely absurd on its face. Bin Laden hates us because of our freedom and our democracy? It is a blatant insult to the intelligence of the American people, and a wildly improbable story as there is no connection whatever between the condition of the Arab world and whether we choose freedom and democracy for ourselves. To argue that Bin Laden and the terrorists hate us because of our freedom and democracy is to argue that there is nothing we can do to halt the terrorism other than to destroy the population base from which the terrorists arise. It is the belief predicate to genocide.

How could Bin Laden or the Arab world expect to benefit from our rejection of democracy, or our elimination of our own freedom? Is this really something that could enter into the calculus of a dissident Arabian multi-millionaire? Are they really going to plunge themselves into the dreadful consequence of a war with us for the abstract and incorporeal purpose of liberating us from the clutches of democracy and freedom?

To pose the question is to answer it.

National interests have fallen off the table of public discourse, and the NWO version of international relations has been reduced to the white hat - black hat simplicity of Hollywood - ascriptive status meriting death for those upon whom we paint black hats.

And it is a very odd sort of democracy which does not allow public discussion of what is in our national interest.

Hence the American ultimatum to the rest of the world

One could be tempted to analogize the flying ultimatums to the summer following the assassination of the Archduke of Sarajevo prior to WW1. However the extremity of the American demand and the imbalance between the American demand and Bin Laden's demands is historically unprecedented.

But the most remarkable aspect of our response to the terror attacks has been the cavalier attitude of our government toward the hand that feeds it.

In my last piece entitled "The End Game" I described an international system of financial rewards and punishments that holds the American Empire together. As a condition of its existence, the Empire must provide tangible benefits to its voting public or it will collapse.

In response to four hijackings by a small group of men that our controlled media calls "cowards," the government decides to shut down the entire air traffic system and the securities markets for a week.

The government response was stunning in its disproportion and self-destructive effect.

It was immediately obvious after the initial terrorist onslaught, that further hijackings with knives would not work. To commandeer a plane, the hijackers would have to fill more than half the seats, producing a statistically improbable passenger profile that would have been immediately visible to the pilots, who never would have pushed back. It was obvious by mid-day on 9-11 to anyone with an IQ above 100 that the terrorist hijackings were a "one-off" event. The terrorists had "shot their wad" and were done with airplanes.

The objective of our government on the morning of 9-11 should have been to minimize the damage caused by the attack. There was nothing the government could do at that point to prevent the collapse of the towers and the consequent destruction of 30 million square feet of office space. Cheap steel with a low melting temperature had done its work.

The suicide squads which slammed those planes into the towers could not have imagined in their wildest dreams that 7 office buildings would collapse as a result. Much less would they have imagined that our government would shut down half the economy and magnify the damage a hundred fold.

One failing of democracy is the need for "bread and circuses" as the voting franchise inevitably degrades.

In his classic work "The Collapse of Complex Societies" Joseph Tainter observes that all complex societies must invest in "legitimizing activities" and that maintaining legitimacy becomes more and more costly the more complex and diverse the society becomes. The costs of these "legitimizing activities" can lead to collapse.

To be effective, action against terrorists must be carried out in secret by relatively small numbers of government agents. Effective anti-terrorist actions are invisible to the population and thus ineffective as a legitimizing display. So apparently, our government felt compelled to "do something" on 9-11 to show the masses that it was in control, and it apparently concluded that shutting down the air traffic system for a week would show the people that it was "doing something" to protect them - a legitimizing display with huge costs.

Many bearish investment pundits have identified the danger inherent in our debt balloon that has been financing the Empire's economic growth during the past decade.

What most of these bearish analysts ignore is the relative ease with which the Fed or Treasury can monetize this debt now that all currencies are purely imaginary. The Federal Reserve can purchase the paper of a new government agency which will use the proceeds of the Fed purchases to buy up defaulting debt and create new dollars in the process. Our bearish analysts would argue that this process is inflationary, but forget two things. First, the amount of debt monetized can be controlled so as to keep the supply of dollars relatively stable by replacing only those dollars disappearing in defaulted debt. Second, most goods production has moved to Asian and third world countries which compete to export goods to us based on their abundant supplies of cheap labor.

Thus, the Empire's international economic system has been structured so as to insulate American monetary and debt policy from inflation of goods prices, and it is clear that Alan Greenspan and Bob Rubin - the architects of this system - think they have the debt balloon wired and that defaults can be monetized with far less inflation and interest rate risk than most analysts suspect.

The imbalances which the Empire is not equipped to handle are more physical in nature - the excessive numbers of computers and routers purchased by business that are no longer needed, and which have caused a bear market in tech stocks of epic proportions. (Another that we will encounter in the future is our replacement with new discoveries of only 60% of the amount of oil we have used over the past 25 years.)

As a consequence of moving most manufacturing off-shore, our economy has come to depend on "business services" - the vast armies of upper middle class Americans working as investment bankers, accountants, consultants, and lawyers all frantically laboring 14 hour days preparing and delivering wildly expensive spreadsheets and Power Point presentations which supposedly deliver valuable "information" but which are, in reality, nothing more than worthless sales pitches.

Shutting down the air traffic system strikes at the heart of the business services sector of our economy, demonstrating to all just how dispensable these Power Point presentations really are.

This sector has metastasized far beyond any reasonable need, and our prosperity now completely depends upon it. The business services sector provides the lions share of high paying jobs - it employs the outer party, the 20% of our population which the inner party must keep happy. And without thinking, our government shut it down for a week.

I often joke privately that it will be time to unleash Thor's Hammer and begin the revolution when the FBI paychecks are late. It is a timetable that has always seemed utterly fanciful until the week following 9-11. Government reacting badly makes all things possible.

Twenty years hence, when the costs of supporting 70 million aging and unhappy boomers collides with the costs of buying peace from disgruntled minorities, maintaining a vast infrastructure of public employment and armies of police along with ever more frequent campaigns of high altitude bombardment, all things are possible.

One thing, however is certain.

The Moslem world clearly recognizes that our economic prosperity is part of a culture that has produced dying populations throughout Russia, Europe, North America and Japan.

They see our talk about democracy and freedom as glitzy wrapping around a package that delivers prosperity joined at the hip with advertising and entertainment which propagandizes females into rejecting monogamy, embracing sexual hedonism and behaving like irresponsible adolescent males.

If hedonism leads to pregnancy, this seductive package of "democracy and freedom" applies its economic pressures to ensure that the woman kills the baby before it gains the wind to cry.

They see a culture in which immigrants are imported to keep wage rates low for working people, and in which the working people are distracted from their plight by constant free entertainment glorifying and impliedly promising instant gratification, hedonistic pleasures and perpetual adolescent irresponsibility. Most members of the upper middle class work frantic 14 hour days to escape the economic and cultural effects of this "democracy and freedom" they so ardently urge upon their lesser brethren and, lacking the time or energy to indulge in the promised vices themselves, nonetheless seem to take immense satisfaction from the idea that these corrupt entertainments are available to them in an abstract and largely theoretical way as "alternative lifestyles," "options" or "choices."

The Moslem world sees very clearly the catastrophically low birthrates of 1.3 per woman (Italy and Japan) and about 1.6 per woman (Euro Americans) - and recognizes that these races are doomed to be displaced and disappear within 200 years if they remain upon their present secular and modernist course.

For a tribe or a people to propagate itself over time, it must repel aliens, reject alien vices, and reinforce among its members the willingness to make the personal, individual sacrifices necessary to keep its collective cradle full.

Any race that fails this central mission of life dies out.

So how would you expect devout Moslems to react to an invitation to join the living dead?

In all social primate groups, young males at the margin of the group are pre-programmed to sacrifice their lives to ensure the survival of their own kind. Anthropologists categorize it as the ultimate in altruistic behavior, because it so obviously and mortally conflicts with the young male's individual self interest.

Their unplanned and spontaneous aggression is warfare of the most elemental and pure kind.

It matters not whether his name is Muhamed Atta or Eric Rudolph. Unless such young men are socially programmed to ignore plainly observable facts, a significant number will perceive just how threatening our modern consumer culture is to the long term survival of his tribe or his people, and they will react in a predictable fashion.

This true warfare bears little kinship to the typical European war full of "command and control" in which huge numbers of peasants are propagandized into a fighting frenzy with ideological abstractions and then herded to their deaths for some unnamed objective of alienated and invisible elites directing that "command and control."

Consistent with its most recent traditions, our government has undertaken a second very expensive legitimizing display by bombing Afghanistan. It is a display that is utterly irrelevant for the purpose of rounding up terrorists who reside in the United States or preventing new ones from entering. But it is nevertheless essential to legitimize the Empire's rule and show the people that it is "doing something." And of course it will show any marginal young males among the Moslem billion who do not already understand, that slow death through vice and luxury is not an option but is mandatory, and is enforced by smiling blond pilots who cheerfully give the thumbs up sign for their media overlords after each delivery of quick death from safe and comfortable altitudes.

We all know who the cowards are.

And hell will come again to breakfast in New York.

A new wave of pessimism in the public mood of grand supercycle degree (lasting 70 years) has been announced by the herald of a bear market and the entry into the lists of Jihad, closing on and wounding his opponent MacWorld. The defeat of MacWorld (or more precisely, the stripping away of 200 years worth of egalitarian delusions from Western Europeans) is absolutely essential to the survival of every race on the planet. None who succumb to MacWorld's siren song will survive.

But there is no logical connection whatever between free trade and the ideological baggage of human fungibility, equality and extreme individualism which seems to accompany it in actual practice, so there should be no need for violence to separate the wheat of free trade and commerce from the chaff of egalitarianism and its accompanying corruptions. We can have commerce and trade without stimulating it with toxic doses of vice, hedonism and irresponsibility. Thus, in a logical world, the inner party and the outer party elites would admit their error and desist for the good of mankind and the good of their own peoples.

But this century begins badly, and delusions of this magnitude - handmaidens of important power and status relationships - are never surrendered peacefully.

Bin Laden and his ilk are not our allies in this contest.

Ultimately, he is quite happy to see us destroy ourselves as long as we leave him and his people alone.

In contrast, our people are the walking dead and we have a duty to rescue them.

And for this reason we are in a much worse and more dangerous position. Breaking the delusions of our own kind will be a long, difficult and dangerous process - similar to, but far less amusing than the journey of the mind undertaken by Don Quixote slowly and by degrees - a journey which saw his Dulcinea gradually metamorphose from a doncella into something closer to the factual truth, an intermediate stage puti-doncella, and finally, a simple puta.

It is completely incomprehensible how George Bush can watch our television and then wonder why Moslems hate us. It is hard to imagine how he can state with a straight face that they need even greater doses of our television so they will understand how good we Americans really are. The prognosis for peace and progress is not good.

An Empire that has made wildly expensive promises to its own people that are impossible to keep and is being hectored by suicidal warriors from outside will ultimately persecute witches and heretics from within who refuse to embrace its toxic delusions. In extremis, such persecutions become inexpensive legitimizing displays for those determined to prevent a flood of defections from the delusions that keep them in power.

Success for us is far more problematic and uncertain for us than it is for the Moslem world.

They may survive merely by refusing to jump into our cesspool.

We can only survive by persuading our own to exit a cesspool to which they are very much addicted and in numbers sufficient to secure a perimeter in which our peace and independence cannot be threatened.

A much more difficult task!

But one I am sure we all embrace with enthusiasm!


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