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Harvard Comes Knocking Again

July 10, 2001

My daughter just received a second big brochure from Harvard.

This time it is 54 pages of glossy multi-color promotional material wrapped around a remarkably long and tendentious application for admission.

I should mention that my daughter didn't request it. Its arrival is purely gratuitous.

Lo and behold, I open the brochure and I am instantly transported to the real Harvard, the Harvard that we all know so well.

In my last writing about this subject - Harvard Comes Knocking, - I claimed that the student body at Harvard looks like a U.N. School. On further reflection, that characterization misses the mark.

When I picture the classic "U.N. School" look, I think of UCLA after 5:00 PM, when the commuters have all left, and there isn't a white face anywhere to be seen. You see teeming masses of people from the Asian and Latin American continents, along with a sprinkling of blacks dressed up like German tourists in sandals, all wandering around aimlessly looking like they are lost, as if they all suddenly had been deposited there by alien spacecraft.

Harvard has a considerably narrower complexion, and the students exhibit an intense focus. They know exactly where they are and where they are headed.

The images from the brochure are accurate and instructive.

The first large picture of students appears on Page 6. Two black girls and an Asian girl are talking to a blond White guy in the dining hall. The body language is telling. The three females are leaning forward. The White guy is listening politely but leaning backwards and away from the girls, as if to break away from the conversation.

On the facing page in bold type offset by a red background is a remarkably candid statement that sums up the Harvard mission: "The freshman Dean's office carefully crafts first-year rooming groups of two or more students, who live together in suites." The irony is that given the student demographics (a mere 20% descendants of European Christendom, well over 30% inner party if we include half-breeds, and the remainder asian, hispanic and black), selecting roommates at random would very seldom place two of a kind in the same room or "suite" as Harvard likes to call it.

But accidental mixing is not enough at Harvard. Multi-culturalism is strictly enforced or "carefully crafted" in Harvard's words; the cardinal sin of having two of the same kind sharing a room being streng verboten.

Harvard is not Noah's ark.

So having made crystal clear that all freshmen, without exception, will be force fed into the ethnic and racial blender, Harvard proceeds with our instruction by showing us a picture of an actual class on page 12.

It is an Afro-American studies class taught by an inner party professor. Now at most universities, the Afro-American studies are delivered by Afro-American professors. But Harvard pays big bucks for its black students, and has a very specific mission in mind for them, as this picture makes clear. They are there at Harvard to learn how to deliver the votes of their fellow blacks for the inner-party dominated racial extortion coalition, upon whose existence their continuing good fortune depends. Harvard doesn't want them wandering too far off the Frankfurt School plantation, hence the inner party Afro-American studies faculty.

Indeed, the authors of this brochure were kind enough to include along with the photo, a caption pointing out that this particular Afro-American studies class was about "Afro-American literature of the 1920's", the golden age when the inner party kept W.E.B. DuBois and the NAACP on a very short leash indeed.

The message encoded into this brochure will be immediately apparent to inner party applicants - Harvard is their place and their agenda - and utterly lost on the rest of the applicant pool, to whom the various short leashes so carefully crafted by Harvard will remain invisible.

Indeed, for clues as to what sort of Whites might actually attend this multi-cultural training academy, I looked first to page 49 and I see that there is no merit based financial aid. So I know that the children of middle managers and professionals looking for educational bargains need not apply. That narrows the field considerably to the needy and very wealthy.

For further clues, I look to page 23 and Harvard football's offensive line - all big White guys! I am assuming that these guys aren't paying $35,000 a year to play football for Harvard, but I could be wrong in some cases.

Under the "religious groups" list on page 36, I couldn't help but notice a Latter Day Saints Students Association. And here we get a little closer to the truth. Harvard especially likes Whites from remote, all White communities who have no exposure whatever to the racial extortion coalition - those who just fell off the turnip truck from the perspective of multi-cultural exposure and don't have the foggiest idea what they are getting themselves into.

It is apparent that Harvard doesn't want (and isn't going to get) battle-hardened goy veterans from big city yeshivas-in-drag that we call magnet schools.

And the idea that the children of connected, wealthy WASPs go to Harvard is utterly absurd. The tiny remnant of that once large herd will send their children to Princeton, if truly exceptional, and to Wake Forrest, Vanderbilt, UNC, or U. Va., if they are merely gifted. The connected aren't about to sacrifice four years of their lives in the temple of multi-culturalism!

Life is too short!

I also notice that for such a small group of Whites at Harvard, there is a very long list of white ethnic organizations - a Celtic society, German society, Hellenic Society, Persian Society, Polish Society, Romanian Society, Serbian Society, Russian Society and Cuban American Association - leaving the inescapable impression that Harvard admits one or two of each kind, as petri dish specimens for study by the inner party kids.

After all, the most essential skill to be acquired at Harvard is to master the limits of political cluelessness and gullibility of the Descendants of European Christendom in an environment where miscalculations have very limited consequences, so that serious errors can be avoided later in life.

For the students that count at Harvard, such exposure provides an elemental survival skill.

Sir Arthur Keith would hold that this entire Harvard enterprise - forming relationships with the elites of the racial extortion coalition, while learning to deceive the supposed elite of your racial enemy - is utterly futile. Indeed, when you force races through the blender, the half-breeds that emerge are not raceless, but rather form new races, which will be no more tractable than the old ones that you spent so much time and effort trying to eradicate.

I could not help but notice that there is an organized "Half Asian Persons Association" recognized as an ethic group at Harvard.

Half-breeds are acutely aware of their need to organize and jostle for advantage.

But the broader question is why parents who are Descendants of European Christendom would allow their children to attend Harvard, much less pay for the "privilege".

Setting aside for the moment your child's role as a laboratory rat for study by the racial extortion coalition which comprises 80% of the Harvard student body, there is a much subtler and more insidious personal issue that will immediately confront that child.

Harken to the message of Michael Kinsley, inner party editor of Slate Magazine and graduate of Harvard, as rendered in the Washington Post of July 6, 2001:

It's official, folks!

When an inner party member uses the word "meritocracy," it is a code word for members of his own "chosen" tribe. It being understood - notwithstanding the statistics - that all members of the lesser nations are stupid and inferior.

Why on earth would a parent pay to subject their child to this kind of abusive stereotype? One look at my daughter's hair color, or the reading of her name will announce to all of the various and sundry haters pictured in the Harvard application brochure that she is one of those dummies in "the happy bottom quarter." Never mind her SAT scores, and never mind that her dad was a street fighter who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and hung out at the caddy shack.

And what about all those professors who harbor that same stereotype? Will they grade her work accordingly?

Would anyone bother looking up her SAT scores? Would she have to wear a sweatshirt all the time announcing them?

Tatoo them on her forearm maybe??

Who needs it?

If I were inclined to spend $35,000 a year on college for her (which I am not), I would send her to Princeton, which has a very different sort of student body than Harvard.

But in the real world - her world - what I think doesn't matter.

For whatever reason, Harvard didn't make her list.

And the real world of how normal 16 year-old girls make these kinds of decisions is an intuitive and irrational place. For example, when she sees in the catalog that the male-female ratio at the Air Force Academy is 8 to 1, she wants to go there. "Boot camp would be fun." But then she reads that they would cut her hair, so the Air Force is out!

You get the picture.

But I do worry about the Descendants of European Christendom growing up in all-White flyover areas of the country with parents who don't have a clue about Harvard and its agenda, and whose clergymen haven't a clue what the word "pharisee" means.

All the chatty college guides, those which purport to give you the inside view, are written by pharisees. If the parents don't understand the code and know how to read between the lines, their kids could end up spending a very miserable four years as lab rats in a multicultural reeducation camp.


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