Diversity's Losers - Part 1

In numerous posts to this newsgroup, I have seen liberals make the statement that "nobody loses from diversity."

It seems intuitively obvious to most Euro-Americans that racial quotas reserving a fixed percentage of positions to black and brown persons means fewer opportunities for Euro-Americans.

To counter that common sense impression, our young liberals give us marketing slogans. What the hell, if advertising confuses people about the value of soft drinks, why not confuse them about race preferences?

What a country!

Diversity benefits us all!

But does it?

Here is a short quote from the Wall Street Journal of Nov. 11, 1996 p A14, entitled "Race Still Matters to California Companies."

Everyone seems to do well under diversity programs except white males.

The problem is that once an institution hires EEO police and puts in place performance reviews that reward promotion of minorities, an inexorable process begins. The ranks fill up with Blacks, Browns and women. The new hires become more angry about the few middle-aged white males in top management, and the only way for top management to cope with the anger from these new hires is to intensify the "diversity" efforts.

Ultimately, you get institutions like Levi-Strauss which stop hiring young white (heterosexual) males altogether. The workforce ceases to reflect the percentage of white males in the general population, or the percentage of white males within the MMSA. (The measuring unit used for EEO compliance).

The only way a young white male can get a job is if no other applicant shows up to claim it.

The fact that the average white is beginning to perceive "diversity" as a threat can hardly be surprising. Look at Harvard. Its entering freshman class is 45% "white." But 27% of the entering class is Jewish. This means that white gentiles comprising 73% of our population get only 18% of the seats in this elite institution. Further, if you look for students at Harvard who come from Baptist, Pentecostal and similar backgrounds comprising about 30% of our population, you will find that there are none!

Whatever else Harvard's undergraduate student body may be, it is not diverse.

As I mentioned in Yggdrasil's lesson 4, governments and utilities (insulated from the costs of such behavior) are the most energetic about driving white males from their ranks. That covers about 25% of the work force. But we are now beginning to see the same pattern across a broad spectrum of private employers and universities as well.


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