Our Elites Decompose

The L.A. Times is a delight, - really!

Like its counterpart on the opposite coast, the L.A. Times is a wonderful and unabashed barometer of the attitudes of our elites.

Now you may recall that a persistent theme on this newsgroup is the alienation of our elites from the mass of ordinary working folks.

Herrenstein and Murray discuss this theme in their seminal work "The Bell Curve." Our elites in the media claim that the book is about racial differences in average IQs. The authors claim it is about the distance, and hence, the unfitness of our elites to lead.

In many cases, the distance of our elites from the ordinary folk is explained by ethnic difference. The dreamy nostalgia for the power of communism to hammer us into "new socialist man" - and the siren song of its siamese twin - "liberal democracy" - with its power to destroy races and cultures while promising them compassion, equality and welfare are both ethnically based.

The only essential difference between the two is the marketing. Both are byproducts of secularized Judaism, the slag left over when belief in the chosen race survives long after the death of faith in G*d.

Policies that cripple and destroy others are the natural byproduct of aggressive feelings of ethnic minorities.

A more serious problem, because of the lack of any obvious motive, is the anger of Euro-American elites toward their own culture and their own kind.

And for an object lesson about this more serious problem, we are indebted once again to the Times and another of its front page editorials masquerading as news.

The story was entitled "Women of Influence Feel Estranged From the GOP" and appeared on Sunday June 2, 1996. It was a puff piece about the "gender gap" intended to frighten already confused conservatives into even greater political paralysis.

A liberal consultant who frequently works for clients in the real estate development (white - flight) industry gathered four of her alienated female executive friends and the L.A. Times reporter in a fancy restaurant and talked. The talk was revealing. All of their political complaints revolved around their own frustrations and their own need for political validation of their personal choices.

Some typical comments:

Not a single statement about a public morality that might ease the burdens of those who are less fortunate economically. Not a glimmer of recognition that welfare mechanisms of "liberal democracy" slyly destroyed Afro-America, and are fast destroying Euro-America as well.

Not a hint of recognition that in our rural areas the "custodial state" - employer of last resort - has hired so many soil conservation police, pesticide police, fish and game police, wetlands police, tax collection police, child abuse police, gun police and drug police that half the population is watching the other half.

Naturally, the half being watched is rebelling and joining militias.

While America crumbles, we get total self-absorption from our business elites.

The only thing that these wealthy and successful career women are capable of articulating is the politics of their own personal frustration. What they want from politics is validation of their own personal choices - loud public approval of their childless and, ultimately, self-centered existences.

In order for a culture to survive, its elite must focus not on its own needs but on the needs of the less affluent and more numerous citizens.

So the Republican Party is getting mean. No duh!

If you are trying to raise a family on $35,000 you are always having to say "no." No to the pushers of credit cards; no to the overpriced designer jeans. You have to resist the effects of advertising that makes your daughter hate her body. (Remarks about how "ordinaire" the supermodels look before the make-up artists arrive don't seem to help much!)

We live in a society in which the advertisers are exploiting the insecurities of youth to provoke impulse purchases - impulses that represent real economic threats to average working people.

The average working class couple trying to raise kids has a great deal to contend with. They are pissed-off. So it is no surprise that as these ordinary working people join the Republican party, the party begins to take on a much harsher edge.

If our elites had not been so self-absorbed and had worked to prevent the worst excesses of the purveyors of cultural decline, perhaps the harsh edge would not be necessary.

Ironically the Jewish neo-conservatives who work at Commentary magazine and contribute articles to the Wall Street Journal are calling for the "remoralization of America". They want to reinvigorate traditional religions and bring morality back into public places. They decry the enforced "feminization" of family life brought on by a welfare state that renders men and husbands irrelevant.

The Neocons at least are concerning themselves with the needs of the broader society. In this respect they are behaving like more traditional elites of the 17th and 18th centuries. (One is free to wonder, of course, whether Gertrude Himmelfarb, Bud Kristol and George Gilder are motivated by true concern for the survival of Christian culture and religion, or whether this is the same old control being sold under a new marketing plan!)

Nevertheless, our successful goyim business executives care nothing about what happens to others. They want to whine, and they want a political party to tell them that their whining is all right. They want a politics that will reinforce extreme individualism and will fight to protect the elite from any demands of the broader society that they behave as role models.

The truth is that large business organizations are not terribly effective at selecting and rewarding an elite capable of sustaining the broader culture. Rather, large organizations tend to select and reward the compulsive workaholics.

At the highest levels, they reward those who are good at withholding information from potential competitors for power within the organization. Top managers are invariably those who, with a straight face, can talk about creating a "family friendly workplace" but at the same time put intense pressure on employees to work 12 hour days.

Psychological testers will tell you that the most sought after in today's economy are those who lack a "co-worldly value system." Translated, that means people with no interests or ambitions other than career success.

What you get, in surprising numbers, are men who lead incredibly boring personal lives obsessed with privacy issues, fearing that government is "peeking into their bedrooms." You get women who have never been asked or approached railing about sexual exploitation. What these Republican elites want is tax cuts, low- wage immigration and massive white-flight wrapped in the politics of sexual frustration and sexual jealousy.

Believe it or not, our business elites are caught in the sixties. What our business elites really crave is a new politics of sexual liberation and fulfillment. That is why you hear so much about abortion rights, alternative life-styles, non-traditional "families", women's "empowerment", aids research, privacy and "freedom of porn". They will vote for and contribute to any politician who holds out hope of delivering the practical benefits promised by the sixties sexual revolution.

So we are saddled with a goy elite (not one of the 5 women executives interviewed by the L.A. Times was Jewish) that looks to government for yet another entitlement. Not an economic entitlement, but a far more improbable personal one that government cannot attempt to deliver without considerable damage to the Euro- American family.

I fear that the political decay of the United States is complete and irreversible. The neocons will fail at moral rearmament.

Inevitably, the physicist William Pierce has a clearer and more accurate view of exactly what the endgame of saving European civilization will look like.

Elites can protect a civilization with trivial personal sacrifice. All they need do is reinforce the values that protect the common man in public while keeping their personal frustrations private.

For a remnant of leaderless working men to preserve a civilization without access to the levers of power and against the will of their own elites will require far more burdensome and mortal sacrifice.

I predict that millions will ultimately volunteer.


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