Brown Hatred in 'Aztlan'

Here is another example of brown hatred for Whites reported by "American Renaissance" magazine.

Note that it is the minority elites - the college educated and the college students - that are the most hate-filled. (No surprise to regular readers of this newsgroup!)

The greater the quota preferences, the more intense the resentment!

The greater the subsidy and the greater the Euro-American obedience to speech and harassment codes, the more Euro-Americans are reviled!

Whites cannot bend over backward far enough to save their mythic integrationist religion and their tottering multi-racial empire.


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American Renaissance Vol.6, No.9 - September 1995

What They Are Saying Now

Voz Fronteriza is one of several irredentist, anti-white publications supported by California taxpayers. On its masthead, it calls itself "a quarterly Chicano Mexicano student publication founded in 1975 . . . recognized as an official campus print media [sic] by the Associated Student Media Board of U.C. San Diego." This is the lead of a typical article:

"In August of 1996, a large gathering of the most racist/fascist European settlers will take place in San Diego, Ca. The objective of this gathering is lo consolidate and develop a program which will further erode the democratic rights of the majority of the people in occupied America (United States) and hold steady the present U.S. socio-political policy leading to the genocide and deportation of the Mexicano, African, and other oppressed people."

The anticipated "gathering" is the Republican National Convention. The article goes on to explain that "the right-wing plans of GOP pigs such as [Pete] Wilson, Gingrich, Helms, Buchannon [sic], etc. are genocidal, pure and simple."

Articles routinely refer either to "the 'so-called' border between Aztlan and Mexico" or use the Spanish expression 'la Frontera Falsa'. They call Mexicans la raza, "the race," or our gente, "our people." The Mex-American nation of Aztlan is to be won through "armed struggle."

The centerfold of each issue is to something called "Definitions and Descriptions of Oppression," a kind of catechism of anti-white nationalism, which includes definitions like this: "Race is an arbitrary sociobiological category created by Europeans (white men) in the 15th century and used to assign human worth and social status with themselves as the model of humanity, with the purpose of establishing white skin access to sources of power."

Likewise, "A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States ...." Naturally, "people of color cannot be racists."

On the back page is a Poesia section, in which young Chicanos vent righteous rage in blank verse. A recent issue offered two works, one called "Stupid American" and the other, "What the hell are you looking at, old white man?" both every bit as bad as they sound.

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