In a recent post entitled "fear of divisiveness", I argued that the Euro-American middle class is unwilling to confront race issues because of the existence of suburbs and the easy avenue of escape suburbs afford from the brutality at the edges of our urban ghettos.

But the embarrassing truth is that the Euro-American middle class is enslaved not so much by fear of violence as by its concerns about status and social class. As long as most middle class Euro- Americans feel that they are a majority and that members of their race control our society, they fear more for their status within the majority group than for their security from attack from outside it.

The distinction between blacks and browns and our Euro-American middle class is obvious. You can easily see the difference. There is no reason for a middle class European-American to strain to differentiate himself from African-Americans or Mexican- Americans. That differentiation is easy. He looks different.

In truth, the typical member of the Euro-American middle class is far more fearful of being mistaken for a low status Euro- American. After all, they look the same. Therefore, it takes a great deal more effort to maintain one's social distance from poor Euro-Americans than from blacks or browns. And because it takes more effort, the Euro-American middle class is very insecure about behavior or ideas that might cause others to mistake them for poor Euro-Americans.

In multi-racial empires, there is a natural tendency for majority elites to distance themselves from notions of racial solidarity. To distance yourself from your own majority race shows that you do not compete with racial minorities, and that you have more status than those within your own racial group who do.

And in all societies fortunate enough to have a middle class, it is natural for that middle class to ape the attitudes and mores of the elite.

Since compassion and magnanimity toward minorities are the hallmarks of noble breeding, those of high education but low economic status will feel pressure to ape the sentiments of the elites to compensate for their lack of economic success.

Racial minorities instantly understand these status yearnings within the majority. After all, their survival in an alien land demands that they read these signals correctly.

Minorities need only encourage these impulses. They need not invent or artificially induce them. And, of course, racial minorities will exploit these impulses for their own benefit.

In a democracy, once the idea of racial solidarity is indentified with low socio-economic status, the majority is rendered helpless. Its status-conscious elite, dependent upon the minorities for votes, will never protect the interests of its own race as long as they are in a clear and dominant majority.

And there, of course, is the rub!

European Americans are fast slipping from their majority status in the United States. As that happens, certain social and political dynamics will inevitably take hold to force the European-American elites to change.

With non-European groups growing as a percent of the total, the political pressure for favors and preferences will grow as well. At some point, these demands begin to directly impact a significant fraction of the Euro-American middle class. The Euro-American elites simply cannot satisfy these demands without losing the support of that middle class.

It is only because minorities (by definition) need the votes of a portion of the Euro-American middle class that minorities support white elite politicians. When the white elites no longer command the respect of a large fraction of their own kind, they become worthless to the non-European races. Minorities would as soon install their fellow blacks and browns in positions of power.

Our white integrationist elites suffer from the delusion that the blacks and browns will need their brain power long after European-Americans become a minority. But as the absolute numbers of blacks and browns increase, their demand for power and control will go far beyond mere quotas and preferences to direct replacement of the white elites themselves. Ultimately, the myth of "American exceptionalism" will collapse as those elites discover that the Americans of color could give a fig about their intelligence or their ability to keep the trains running. Competing ethnic groups the world over have demonstrated time and again that they would rather be ruled by butchers and incompetents of their own race than by effective administrators of another. It will be no different here in America.

In practice, clear self-interest will cause the scales to fall from the eyes of many in our white elites. However, the conversion will be slowed by the status yearnings of this class and its deep revulsion toward the culture and mores of poor European-Americans, whom they most fear.

Bad attitudes about the middle class ("white bread"), and the poor ("trailer parks", "racist bigots" and "fundamentalist fanatics") will not be conducive to attaining leadership positions once the white elites are expelled by their favored blacks and browns from their integrated dreamlands back into the separatist homelands of reality. So it is predictable that many will flee rather than admit to equality or any identity of interest with the European-Americans they detest. Among some, the revulsion toward poor and middle class Euro-America is so great that they would prefer to "make a statement" and submit to the butchery and tyranny of another race rather than return to the centuries-old freedoms nurtured by their racial kinsmen.

Long after the European-American poor and middle classes understand what needs to be done, a large fraction of our elites will resist. This is the exclusive factor which is likely to make the de-jure splitting of a de-facto balkanized America very messy.

In any event, the important lesson in all this for you in the Movement is that once you understand the status concerns of middle class, it becomes easy to address those concerns.

One unintended tactical benefit of the dumbing-down of our educational system and culture is that few in the middle class associate low status with abstract concepts. Rather, they associate low status only with specific words and slogans.

It takes billions of dollars of investment and years of propaganda before the mass-media can associate a new set of words and phrases with low status European-Americans. It is relatively easy for you to maneuver within this slow strategic cycle created by our mass media and the dumbed-down culture it has produced.

Use it to your advantage! Avoid those stereotyped phrases and words, and the status threat to the middle class audience is removed. They will listen intently to your concepts as long as they are unaccompanied by ignorant sounding slogans.

The establishment will be left with its feeble efforts to silence you. They dare not debate the merits. They dare not argue openly that multi-racial empires are conducive to peace. They dare not begin a debate over the proposition, inherent in all integrationist mythology, that blacks and browns lose that predisposition toward racial hatred and aggression that they exhibit everywhere else in the world once on North American or European soil.

They cannot afford to address publicly that ultimate question of how much European-Americans must give up to buy racial peace.

So exploit their weaknesses! Explain reality but avoid the words and phrases that provoke status fears.

Stop talking about "loving your own race" when accused of hating other races. Talk instead about the inevitability of conflict within multi-racial empires irrespective of the races involved, and talk about the obvious economic motives for their creation - the manipulation of the most numerous and productive.

Stop talking about the achievements of the white race, and focus on the demands of blacks and browns.

Stop talking about genetic differences and focus instead on pracitcal ways of preventing conflict and reducing costs.

And for god's sake, stop using the "n" word.


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