Fear of "Divisivness"

In many posts on this newsgroup, the white nationalist participants voice dismay at the tendency of the European- American middle class to bury its head and play "lets pretend" on racial issues.

As a method of social and political organization, the Multi- racial empire has been found wanting. Placing different races or ethnic groups under a single government provokes conflict.

Search as you may throughout the world, you cannot find a single example that works.

As for our integrationist myths, we speak constantly of the racial oppression in America of black and brown, and yet people of color are clamoring by the millions to gain entry into this land where they will be "oppressed." We speak constantly of "exploitation" of black and brown, but when you trace the money flows, it becomes clear and obvious that the name of the "integrationist game" is extorting money from the Euro-American middle class in exchange for racial peace.

After all, that is where the money is!

So then, why can't the Euro-American middle class see the truth?

Why the intense need to believe lies?

To find the clues, we must take another of Yggdrasil's lessons in careful reading.

Here is a quote from Ben Wattenberg, a "new-Democrat" political analyst speaking about the poll results on American attitudes. In the article (Nov. 13, 1995 WSJ p A14), he is arguing that the American voter is more concerned about moral decay than about economic policies. He says:

Just so!

Much of our Euro-American middle class fears divisiveness and polarization.

They fear it because it has the potential to interfere with their creature comforts and their security. They fear divisiveness because they fear its latent potential for open conflict.

On other levels, they fear divisiveness because conflict places a premium on skills seldom valued in a civil society. Conflict has the potential to rearrange existing status rankings within society as salesmanship skills, the passive-aggressive skills of corporate staffers, and the manipulative skills of top managers take a back seat to the skills of the hunter and the watchful guard.

At the top corporate level, there is a significant (but fading) fear that divisiveness might narrow markets and cripple the political institutions that pass out subsidies and insulate big businesses from competition.

Having to deal with several new and uncertain governments will, at a minimum, increase costs, and in the worst case (from the corporate perspective) eliminate existing barriers to entry and competition.

All threatening prospects indeed!

But as with most powerfully irrational social responses, fear of divisiveness among the Euro-American middle class has a second face. There is reverse side to this coin.

If the fear of divisiveness is so great as to prompt the middle class to ignore the obvious and readily observable realities of our everyday lives, then that fear is also powerful enough to motivate the Euro-American middle class to repel the actual threat.

The Euro-American middle class has its comfortable enclaves in suburbia that are (or were, until recently) untouched by the raw inter-racial contact that occurs at the edges of our urban ghettos. As long as the Euro-American middle class has the income to escape these combat zones, they are men of "good will" and "compassion" comfortable with the notion that it is only the "white trash" who are having the hell beat out of them at the peripheries of our urban ghettos, and quite content with ineffective government experiments to foster "understanding" and "tolerance."

The first fear that the Euro-American middle class feels is the threat that "divisiveness" might cause the urban combat zones to expand and spread to suburbia (as they are now in Southern California) and that they might suddenly have to share the "costs" of the beatings and crime they were heretofore able to escape.

But the second and more fundamental fear is that "divisiveness" might call forth "demagogues" willing to awaken the Euro-American underclass to the simple notion that as citizens of the American nation, they have the right to demand from their more prosperous racial brothers some minimal commitment to a vision of unity and national purpose that includes them and protects them as equals from racial attack.

The point for all white nationalists to ponder is this: - Once you understand the fears of the Euro-American middle class, you have the tools to change their attitudes. And that change can be swift and powerful.

The fear of divisiveness is unstable. It depends for its continued existence on a calculation that escape from the racial maelstrom is possible. As that calculation begins to wither under accumulating contrary evidence from our everyday lives, attitudes among this Euro-American middle class will change.

Once it becomes clear to the Euro-American middle class that there is no escape, then feelings of racial unity and racial defense against the onslaught will be natural. The consequence and the changes it will bring about will be powerful and enduring.


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