The Cult of Economics

Curious that in this 1996 primary election campaign the Republicans are all frantically talking up the elixir of economic growth, as if it could keep all of our problems tucked safely under the rug.

Truth is, America's most severe problems have little or nothing to do with economic growth.

We have white illegitimacy rates that have grown from 1.5% in 1950 to 22% in 1992. In the same time period, black illegitimacy rates have climbed from 6% to 60%.

The United States is well on its way to third world status with unrestrained illegal immigration and the creation of small, culturally isolated nations within our borders.

We have a society in which different races see events so differently that communication has become difficult. Indeed, it is impossible for police to pacify our urban ghettos because ghetto juries acquit 75% of the defendants charged with carrying a concealed weapon. The criminal justice system has effectively ceased to function in the black and brown areas of this country because of race-based jury nullification. Police no longer bother to make arrests for many types of criminal behavior. Indeed, the black, brown and talmudic populations of this country have become so hostile toward Euro-Americans that they suspect racism at every turn. Their perception of the degree of racism among the Euro-American majority is so plainly at odds with what Euro-Americans actually see and hear among their own kind in everyday life, that the reservoir of good will that has kept this country together is rapidly being depleted.

Another 1% per year increase in GDP will not put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

Ironically, the stubborn resistance of Republican candidates (with the partial exception of Buchanan) to address these problems confirms their seriousness. The Republicans know that to discuss these problems in public is to risk wholesale shifts in existing political power relationships. Ideas that might produce such shifts are labeled "extreme" and "divisive".

Most would rather bury their heads in the sand and hope that an additional 1% annual GDP growth will heal this multi-racial empire's wounds. It won't!

While we get lots of libertarian prescriptions such as a "flat tax" "deficit reduction" and "less government," each such palliative is premised on the notion that blacks and browns lose the hatreds that they embraced so wholeheartedly in their countries of origin upon contact with American soil and became "new socialist man" motivated only by economic concerns and utterly devoid of racial consciousness.

And that is the problem with the entire Republican campaign. The fundamental and unspoken premise of their "free market" prescriptions is that Americans have already been transformed by socialism and bolshevism into creatures that have never before existed on this planet.

In short, their prescriptions are insincere and they know it.

Capitalism, private ownership of property, and free markets are the sacred tools by which Western Civilization has attained preeminence. The entire world can adopt Western Capitalism (as Jack Kemp suggests it is doing) but racial conflict will escalate, not subside, as more of the world's peoples acquire the means to strike at their racial enemies. Just because the peoples of the world have discovered capitalism does not mean that they have discovered restraint and respect.

In the United States the most strident racists are the angry minorities within our wealthy elites, not among the rural poor.

As Don Black once said: "Limited government is a 'white' thing." Even if cutting back on government can produce an additional 1% per year GDP growth, it will not stop the relentless attack by blacks and browns on Western Civilization in America.

To halt the attack, we need to insist publicly that all manifestations of it stop. If we do it now, the task can be accomplished without violence.

If we wait 20 years, all bets are off.

I fear the Republicans aren't up to the task. They would rather fiddle with the deficit and play "let's pretend".


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