Those Hopeless Republicans

Now let's see.

What are the big issues that stir the public imagination?

Prop 187 passed by an overwhelming margin in the state with the highest percentage of immigrants. The CCR will pass by an overwhelming margin too.

So, what do our Congressional Republicans worry about?

They obsess about the deficit. Whether deficits are good or bad depends on what you spend the money on and what return you get. If you borrow to invest in ports, highways and facilities that produce a high rate of return, then deficits are not necessarily bad. On the other hand, if you borrow to pay welfare benefits and entitlements, then deficit spending clearly becomes part of the racially motivated attack on the majority.

The problem with the Republicans is that they refuse to talk about the real issue. If they are worried about the share of the federal budget used to fund the minority attack, they should say so!

After all, Whites comprise 73.5% of the population. Why pussy-foot around?

You have Steve Forbes running around advocating unrestricted immigration to drive down wages. He wants low taxes on capital fleeing the country to create jobs in the third world. You have to concede points to Forbes for brazenness. Never has a politician whacked his constituents on the snout harder and expected them to enjoy it.

Then you have Dole and Alexander forever hoping that the minority racial attack on the majority can be stilled with a sufficient amount of economic growth. Apparently Republicans over the age of 50 are congenitally incapable of figuring out that the minority drive for equality can never be satisfied, because the real objective is superiority and dominance. They will never be bought off by mere equality nor economic growth.

Let's clear the air:

No matter how polite the Republicans are to the minorities, and no matter what they promise, the minorities will never abandon their deep seated racial animus and vote Republican. Given this reality, why do Republicans allow worries about minority reactions to slow down their drive to represent the majority?

Why do Republicans always seem to believe that minority votes are better than majority votes?

Why can't Republicans count?

Given the numbers, you can readily see that we are dealing with deep seated irrational behavior here.

We are dealing once again with status fears.

The ugly truth is that the Euro-American upper middle class is frightened to death of being identified with the working class White. The typical Republican politician simply cannot comprehend how he could save face among his friends if he were ever caught appealing to and identifying with the interests of working class Whites. The problem is that if you forcefully and emotionally advocate their interests, the upper middle class is going to assume that you are one of them. It involves a personal cost that most Republican politicians are unwilling to pay.

The consequence is that Republicans would rather lose elections.

These status fears are the true source of black and brown minority power in the U.S.

A sensible question is "Where do these powerful status fears come from?"

The answer is simple. They come from that oldest of multi-racial empires - Great Britain.

Britain is an amalgamation of racially similar tribes, the Celts, the Angles and Saxons, the Picts (danish invaders) and the Normans each of whom arrived at different times and struggled for dominance.

These tribes fought extensively until approximately the 1600's .

Since then, the explicit ethnic dimension of the conflict has dissipated and has been replaced by a very explicit and crippling class and status consciousness.

If Britain's example is the best that can be hoped for over the long term from ethnic and racial integration, then integrationism must be judged a failure. The status conscious behavior of the upper classes and their middle class wannabes have produced a nation that cannot even honestly discuss its problems, much less unite to defend its own interests. It is a nation that cannot allow itself to be successful for fear that the "wrong people" might benefit.

And indeed, even if raoial defense requires that the upper class elites rally the working class majority, it won't happen because of the status costs to the upper class as individuals if they participate. To reaffirm their status rankings, the upper classes must visibly defend black and brown immigration and generally sacrifice the interests of their own kind.

Fortunately, this status consciousness is unique to Britain and its former dominions, the U.S., Canada and Australia.

The social phenomenon does not exist in the same way in Continental Europe. As a girlfriend said 30 years ago to me in Berlin, "The one good thing about the Third Reich was that all Germans were equal!"

The bad thing about the Third Reich was that so many Germans ended up dead.

But in any event, we have Dole, Forbes and Alexander, Anglo- Saxons all, suffering from the English disease of status insecurity. Somehow, down deep, they feel that they cannot vigorously represent the average working class Euro-American without being mistaken for one. Such an indignity! And indeed, for this type of Republican, minority votes are much more comfortable and comforting than majority votes.

It is only Mr. Buchannan, of Irish extraction, who seems largely free of the disease.

For my comrades on this newsgroup, let me suggest an extended campaign of therapy. When you spot a Republican politician nervously skirting his natural constituency and fleeing the real issues for neutral sounding abstractions like the "flat tax" and the "deficit," scold him with a fax.

Be sure to get explicit. Ask whether he is just a "country club Republican who would rather lose elections that be identified with the interests and destiny of the average Euro-American".

Tell him to get real! After all, these are the Nineties!

Gradually, their behavior will change.


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