George Bush - And The NRA

Poor, dumb George never did get it!

Below is an excerpt from the L.A. Times on George Bush's latest moral posturing. He joined the National Rifle Association years ago for reasons of political expediency. He never really did believe in the cause. Poor old George never could understand the fears of the Founding Fathers that our government might turn into tyranny.

So once the NRA published an ad portraying ATF agents as jackbooted invaders, he resigns to display his patrician, East Coast "moral superiority".

You see George is one of those WW-2 vet Republicans who believes that government is the sainted defender of all things good, and that all government employees are well meaning people doing a wonderful job. So lost in the fog of the "Good War" is George, that he ignores reality.

Ask George how one of his sainted FBI snipers could see Vickie Weaver come to the doorway carrying her baby, place the crosshairs of his scope over her temple and squeeze the trigger. Just another day in the life of a well meaning government employee rescuing the world from tyranny, right George?

George still can't figure out why those of us born after the War are so angry at his tax increases. During Reagan's term, the Ole Ygg's top marginal rate was 28%. George's tax hikes applied the infamous phase-outs of deductions, dependent credits and the base tax rate, raising the Ole Ygg's top marginal rate to 42%. Clinoccio then hiked it to about 45%.

Bush's taxes were unique in their public deception. The middle class was left believing that the top marginal rate was a "fair" 32% when they would be hit with 42% should any of them be so unfortunate as to succeed. Not only did Bush raise the rates, but he concealed them from public view.

And what have America's productive citizens received for their money? To George, it's 50 year old memories of "good intentions" that count, not the actual results. But the problem is that those of us born after the "Good War" have eyes and were never issued rose colored glasses.

What we are buying with our taxes is a rapid slide into Third World status with runaway immigration, racial quotas, an entrenched welfare culture, dramatically rising illegitimacy rates, falling SAT scores and finally, a Treasury department that purchases attack helicopters, armored personnel carriers and battle tanks for domestic use on those who might be offended enough by these results to actually do something about it. These purchases were made on George's watch, not Clinoccio's.

Then George has the gall to say that all Government workers are well-meaning and that it is unfair for the national Rifle Association to criticize BATF.

The BATF was created years ago to destroy whiskey stills and shoot ridge-running Southern moonshiners during prohibition. They have been chasing and shooting rural white boys for at least 2 generations. The BATF has always had a clearly understood mission as an extension of the Eastern Seaboard's post-civil war program of Reconstruction in the South. The agency has always done the bidding of our East Coast elites, controlling the hillbillies and other white undesirables running around the rural countryside.

Only now, it has branched out into the rural Midwest and West, and apparently these new objects of BATF attention are not as patient as Southerners who have experienced the brunt of New England liberalism before.

The Wall Street Journal ran a full page editorial ("Faddish Justice?, May 2, 1995 p A24) contrasting the treatment meted out to police handling the Ruby Ridge and Waco affairs with the treatment meted out to the police who handled Rodney King. In the Journal's words:

So what are we to think when these agencies begin arming themselves against the civilian population with attack helicopters, armored personnel carriers and tanks?

Indeed there is a double standard. It was on George Bush's watch that the U.S. Marshals purchased the silencers that they carried up on Ruby Ridge.

What possible reason could George Bush's beloved and sweet spirited Federal police forces have for wanting to use a silencer when serving an arrest warrant if not to kill people without alarming the folks who live down the road?

Did George Bush sign the requisition order for these silencers?

Was he any more aware of what was going on in his administration than Reagan?

Did the GSA sign the order under Bush's authority? If so, then why isn't George Bush in the deepest and most profound sense a Washington Criminal?

At some point, those of us paying George Bush's exorbitant taxes have to take responsibility for what we are financing! At some point we have to connect motives with deeds. And with the Federal Government performing so many evil deeds, at some point we must conclude that those directing all this activity have evil motives.

Shooting someone by mistake is understandable. But requisitioning silencers for use in making rural arrests bespeaks premeditation and a view of law enforcement that is hard to square with any notion of liberty.

All things being equal, the Ole Ygg prefers to finance Federal police that, when they choose to kill, must do so loudly so that the public knows what is happening. George Bush and his BATF and GSA obviously had different ideas.

The sad truth is that the "Good War" has blinded an entire generation to reality.

The U.S. Government lied then about its involvement in that war just as it lies now about Waco and Ruby Ridge.

The Ole Ygg's father still believes that Jews were killed in gas chambers at Dachau, Buchenwald and Dora. He also believes that Nazis made soap and lampshades out of Jews at Dachau.

While these particulars are acknowledged by Vad Y'shem in Israel to be false, The U.S. military concocted the story upon liberating the camps and broadcast pictures of emaciated corpses as supposed gas chamber victims to the entire world. They did this despite a forensic examination by a U.S. Army surgeon of hundreds of these corpses, and a finding that all had died of typhus or similar diseases and malnutrition.

The Government did not tell the World about how, after the German guards surrendered, they lined them up and then machine gunned them to death in violation of the Geneva conventions. But some troops enjoyed the event so much they took pictures that survive to this day.

Despite the findings of Army doctors, the U.S. built a "gas chamber" for tourists at Dachau after the War, where none ever existed before.

Oddly, they undertook this needless and false propaganda onslaught _after_ the Germans were beaten. Why? Blood lust?

The U.S Government and its allies then imposed a constitution on West Germany that prevented any German guard who served at one of the camps from coming forward and denying that there were gas chambers at his camp on pain of a 5 year jail term for "Holocaust Denial."

In truth, George Bush's generation lied to itself to justify its own savagery. They still do. Whether it is the wholesale and sly destruction of African-Americans with abortion and liberal welfare schemes in our ghettos, or the unbridled physical aggression against rural whites by Federal police, George Bush and his World War II generation have learned to ignore Government's deeds and pretend away the results of its actions.

To them, the ritual of manners and the posturing of high minded motives are all that count.

In truth, for those of us born after the War, George Bush's reappearance on the stage for one last patrician morality play is electrifying. The Ole Ygg finds himself scurrying around to find the misplaced reply envelope from NRA-ILA. Time for another 200 bucks to the boys in DC with a pair of eyes who can shoot straight!

Time for 'Ole Ygg to fax his Congressman yet again about the future mission of OSI once all the German prison guards that U.S. troops did not murder finally die off. If you think that BATF is dangerous, just wait till OSI finds a new mission!

Time for 'Ole Ygg to send a cool thou to IHR so that there will be at least one non-liberal institution that can be trusted to preserve the story of Western Civilization.

Time for 'Ole Ygg to find that misplaced reply envelope for the Buchanan campaign. Dole has a bad dose of George Bush's disease.

Its the vision thing - World War II destroyed it!



May 11, 1995 Los Angeles Times p. A8

Bush Resigns NRA Membership in Protest

Lobbyists: Ex-President says he is 'outraged' by group's fund-raising letter labeling federal agents as 'jackbooted thugs.'


WASHINGTON--Former President George Bush has quit the National Rifle Assn. to protest a fund-raising letter sent out by the organization that labeled federal agents as "jackbooted thugs" and could roil the waters of the Republican presidential race. Bush described himself as "outraged" by the organization's failure to repudiate the letter, which points up the NRA's vulnerability in the wake of the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. In a letter to NRA President Thomas Washington dated May 3 and made available by his office in Houston, the former GOP chief executive added: "To attack Secret Service agents or ATF [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms] people or any government law enforcement people as 'wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms' wanting to 'attack law- abiding citizens' is a vicious slander on good people."

Bush was particularly irate because Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's chief lobbyist, defended the attack contained in the letter even after the Oklahoma City bombing. Asked if his language was excessive in view of the tragedy, LaPierre said "That's like saying the weather report in Florida on the hurricane caused the damage rather than the hurricane." In response to Bush's protest, the NRA released a letter from its president, Washington, to Bush, urging the former President to reconsider his resignation.

The letter claimed that the gist of the NRA's attacks would be supported by further inquiry and complained that Bush had not sought a private explanation before making his resignation letter public. "Such a course of action, I believe, would have better served the country than what now will become a public disagreement that can only lead to more polarization in these troubled times," the NRA said.

* * *

In his letter to the NRA, Bush pointed out that Al Whicher, who served on his Secret Service detail when he was in the White House, was killed in Oklahoma City.

"He was no Nazi," Bush wrote. "He was a kind man, a loving parent, a man dedicated to serving his country."

Bush also recalled that he had attended the wake for ATF Agent Steve Willis, who was slain in the Feb. 23, 1993, shootout with members of the Branch Davidian cult near Waco, Tex. "I can assure you that this honorable man, killed by weird cultists, was no Nazi," Bush wrote.

For his part, Washington wrote Bush that the "NRA never intended for its words to offend your sense of decency and honor or your concept of service to country." He added "I firmly believe that after a thorough congressional examination of BATF, you will agree that our words have been more truth than slander. I believe you will judge, too, much of what BATF had done to be inexcusable and deserving of your personal repudiation."

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