Welfare as a Racial Transfer

Welfare is a disproportionate transfer of money from one race to another. The following excerpt from an article concerning the issue of welfare reform makes that exact point and cites the relative statistics on recipients by race.

The percentage of Black welfare recipients is three times as large as their percentage of the total population.



Nov. 16, 1994 Wall Street Journal p. A36


Welfare Reform: Hot-Button Issue Of New Order * * *

TWO YEARS AGO, Bill Clinton pledged to seize this bull by the horns when he proposed pushing welfare recipients off the rolls and into jobs after two years. Nineteen months after the 1992 election, he proposed a plan. But nothing has happened. Today, there is no doubt that a Republican Congress will move, fast. And it is now beyond debate that a radical fix is in order. But there's also no doubt that next year's debate will be tinged with potentially explosive racial tensions. Welfare reform is by definition a racial issue; though blacks make up just 12.1% of the nation's population, they constitute 37.2%, of the recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children. By contrast, of the 283 Republicans who are expected to sit in the new Congress, just two are black, and two are Hispanics. Only 20 are women. That means 90% are white males. It happens that the one new black Republican elected to Congress this year, T.C. Watts of Oklahoma, is an articulate spokesman for radically changing a welfare system that is suppressing the very people it is supposed to help. That will help. but it hardly assures that the coming debate will be rational rather than hysterical. * * *

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