Read a copy of the Turner Diaries - Wow!

I hope Dr. Pierce doesn't think his profoundly pessimistic work as a good "first read" for the awakening middle class Euro-Americans.

It is a powerful book for motivating malcontents and unhappy people, but the millions of middle class European-Americans respond more to messages of hope and relief rather than to apocalyptic messages of mass death and destruction.

Nevertheless, the book is brilliant and thought provoking.

First, it is one man's vision (and a coherent one, at that) of just exactly how the "leadership principle" might work in operation. It is helpful to know what its advocates have in mind before one accepts, rejects or modifies it.

Second, I was struck by Dr. Pierce's pessimistic estimate of the numbers of his own support. Much too low! His "Order" only had about 1000 members and including the "legals" (above ground members) totalled only 5000. I hope Dr. Pierce realizes that things have changed mightily since 1978.

In a recent survey by the Census Bureau of population preferences for racial descriptors, 3% of the U.S. Population suggested that they would prefer to be called European-American. That is about 6 million sympathizers, not six thousand. In the last congressional election, tens of millions of "angry White males" voted to cast the integrationsists out of Congress. Although the Republicans have not really represented their new constituency, the electorate has come a long way since 1978.

I am much more optimistic than Dr. Pierce was in 1978 about our numbers 20 years from now (Ygg Jr. argues that it will only take 10 years.) I believe that we will have a majority of the Euro-American population, or approximately 80 to 100 million sympathizers. These numbers will allow for the creation of new institutions to communicate and organize. The "revolution" can start as a purely political and economic phenomenon. Once 50 million European-Americans recognize their own self interest and reject the integrationist myths, it will be impossible for liberals to run our American Empire as they do now. The anti-white minority coalition will either split, attempting to work out deals with the Euro-American minority, or the partially masked racial conflict will escalate and become much more open and direct. Change is inevitable in either event.

In the minds of movement old-timers, large numbers of opportunists will jump on the band wagon. Get used to the idea and accept it as a complement - a validation of your efforts. A Western renaissance will not be born out of a bloody purge of White opportunists and "johnny come latelys".

Third, once you convince 10 million Euro-Americans that Western Civilization is worth dying for, the liberal game is over. The movement cannot be stopped by 100,000 FBI agents (most of whom are nice, boring Euro-American types with accounting backgrounds.) They will back lateral the mission to the Marines. The only realistic chance the liberal establishment will have of stopping it with domestic military force is for them to get comfortable with and actually move toward an all black and brown military. There is no evidence that our zionist masters are at all comfortable with such a military. All indications are that they are much more comfortable with racially unaware Euro- American "sheep." That is why they are so desperate to keep us in the dark and censor the internet. They need us, but they need us dumb. The recent drive to purge racially aware enlisted men from the army merely confirms this. The liberal establishment will find out that as the numbers of racially unaware Euro-Americans dwindle, the price of "sheep" will escalate to the point of impracticality. If present trends continue, there is no way the liberals can maintain control.

Fourth, the critical issue in predicting the outcome of any such struggle is whether any Euro-Americans will be willing to sacrifice their lives to stop Euro-American self-determination and preserve the rights of minorities to hector us for eternity. Let me suggest that there is a marked contrast between 1996 and 1860, when hundreds of thousands of Northern Whites marched to their deaths to stop the South from seceding.

The question is whether any such resistance to White self determination (among Whites) could be mounted today. I would suggest not.

Most of you are aware of the reasons why the wealthy industrialists wanted war. In 1860, the federal government was financed almost entirely by tariffs on European imports which were paid overwhelmingly by Southern planters. Secession meant much higher taxes in the North and a contraction of the range of their railroads and commerce.

But the plutocrats were not willing to march to their deaths. Young men of the middle class were, and their motivations are far more important.

Back in 1860, virtually the entire middle class was employed in the retail trade. The North had tens of thousands of small, general stores. They made their living selling goods to millions of small farmers and free laborers. The problem was that large plantations bypassed the small retail stores entirely and purchased food and fabrics in bulk from a few wholesalers. Consequently, the middle class was much smaller in the South, and the middle class in the North viewed the spread of the slave system as a threat to their livelihoods and their middle class identity. With such and economic threat, it is little wonder that the religious anti-slavery fervor caught on with the Euro- American middle class in the North despite countless neutral scriptural references to slavery in the Bible.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine any similar reaction to White self-determination today - particularly if it happens partly by default from efforts by blacks and browns to segregate themselves.

Under the circumstances, the most important thing we must do is be smart, and avoid repulsive fantasies about annihilating all non-whites the world over in a nuclear holocaust, as does the conclusion of the Turner Diaries. There is mounting evidence that large chunks of the liberal-minority coalition are losing interest in controlling us. Once a large block of us start voting our racial interests, we will be troublesome enough to them that they may well want to cede us the countryside and suburbs, if we agree to no trade barriers and no attacks.

It is simple, really. Real wage rates among Euro- Americans have been falling for 15 years. The reason for this is the wholesale export of jobs and uncontrolled immigration encouraged by minority racial coalitions. The Euro-American middle class is going to recognize the need for a racially conscious solution and will vote for someone to reverse this trend and improve their living standard. In contrast, a world- wide nuclear war would cut the living standards and life expectancies of the survivors in half (in addition to resulting in 200 million White casualties). Honestly, I cannot think of a stupider political vision to pitch to the middle class. It is a vision that could only motivate psychopaths bent on wreaking revenge on their own kind for not protecting them from the thousand insults inflicted by minorities.

In fairness to Dr. Pierce, we must recognize that the book is a novel, a work of fiction, and not necessarily his vision of the optimal outcome of our present conflict. Further, as a work of fiction it is an appropriate vehicle for shocking the reader into rethinking his comfortable vision of America. On balance, I am glad he wrote it. It will greatly increase our understanding of the alternatives for structuring our struggle. Also, as I read the book, I cannot help but think about the fact that the illegitimacy rate among Whites has risen to 24% of all births. I cannot help but think about all the angry White males in their early 20s who hang out in Huntington Beach and harass both middle class Whites and minorities (but not quite equally).

It is a class that will grow exponentially over the next 20 years. Its members have already been born. The liberal establishment will not be able to afford jails to house them all.

We are faced with a mighty task of bringing hope and civilization to this group. Dr. Pierce can relax. The liberal establishment and the minorities don't have a prayer of controlling this group. It is up to us. Their challenge must be answered in a constructive way or else. They will not let us wait another 20 years in our comfortable suburbs. These will not be sheep.

I can understand the anger and the frustration, but we must exercise restraint and make ourselves fit to lead. Herewith, a few suggestions from that Nordic tree of wisdom and life.

1. Every book by White nationalists argues for the preservation of the White race and Western Civilization.

2. Our primary long-term mission among the Euro-American middle class is to wean them away from their status conscious reactions to their own self interests and their own survival.

There are all kinds of methods you can use to belittle middle class status fears. I say - Go for it!

As for Dr. Pierce's little novel, I say that we have a lot of work to do within the Euro-American middle class before they are ready for self-determination. We will not be able (nor should we want) to bludgeon them into self-determination and racial consciousness prematurely.

White self-determination will only survive when the majority of the Euro-American middle class understands its self-interest and becomes willing to defend those interests. Until then, we must concentrate on strengthening Euro-American culture from within - not on provoking violence towards our enemies from without.


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