Statistics on Interracial Marriage

In response to a recent thread in which one poster alleged that the white race was disappearing because of intermarriage, I offer some analysis of hard numbers by Census bureau statisticians, and a history lesson from a Nobel prize winner, Robert Fogel.

The pattern that clearly appears from the numbers is that White males have an overwhelming preference for white females.

Blacks and whites have lived together on this American continent for approximately 400 years. That is a long time. If white males were attracted to black females, then the races would have blended long ago. In the Words of Fogel and Engerman in "Time on the Cross" (p 132):

And more telling (p 134):

This pattern of aesthetic preference of white males is about as durable as any trend can be. As long as white males continue to restrict their mates in this manner, the race is bound to exist at least until the next Ice Age.

The 1990 census data discussed below demonstrates that the more things change, the more they stay the same.



May 9, 1991 Wall Street Journal p B1

Interracial Marriages Increase, but Still Rare

INTERRACIAL marriages increase, though they still aren't that common. Census Bureau specialists Roderick J. Harrison and Claudette Bennett report that the 1990 census showed about 1.1 million interracial couples, up slightly from not quite one million in 1980 and more than triple the 321,000 in 1970. When marriages between Hispanics and members of other minority groups or non- Hispanic whites are added in, there were 2.3 million interracial and intergroup marriages in 1990, compared with 1.6 million in 1980.

Nonetheless, interracial couples represented only about 2% of married couples in 1990, and interracial and intergroup marriages only 4%. Non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks were proportionately the least likely to marry outside their group, the analysis reveals, with more than 95% of these whites and 92% of these blacks marrying within their own group. Only 68% of Asians or Hispanics and only 25% of American Indians had married within their groups.

When members of a minority marry outside their group, the spouses are most likely to be non-Hispanic whites, according to the researchers; marriages involving members of two minority groups are less frequent. Most "out-marrying" whites tend to have married Hispanics; only 0.01% of white married men and only 0.03% of white married women have married blacks.

"If persons married without regard to race or Hispanic origin, and simply in proportion to each group's percentage of the married population, about 5.5% of [non-Hispanic] white males and females should have Hispanic spouses, and another 5.5% have black spouses," the authors observe. "This is about five times as many marriages as actually occur between whites and Hispanics, about 20 times the percentage observed between white women and black men and 50 times that realized between white men and black women."

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