Culture Wars - Speaking in Code (Part II)

The ascent of visible minorities into our elites exacerbates a problem that has existed for a long time in the U.S. An earlier elite that has all but disappeared from public view used to speak in code as well.

The sons of wealthy Euro-Americans of an earlier generation were sent to prep schools of Groton, Choate, Andover and St. Paul's to learn the manners of empire.

The assumption was that all the peoples of the world would want the benefits of the industrial revolution, and that only the sons of these well-to-do could bring it to them.

These young men were taught the virtues of compassion, pluralism and the understanding of other cultures. The rough hewn edges of their acquisitive fathers were polished into a mannered egalitarianism intended to facilitate the opening of new markets under the jurisdiction of native regimes.

The graduates of these schools filled the State Department and the Diplomatic Corps. But the rest of the world turned out much harder to manage than these imperialists had imagined. Third world countries adopted vicious anti-American tyrannies despite the good intentions of our polished diplomats.

In a word, good intentions and liberality towards other races did not seem to work. The rest of the world stubbornly refused to reciprocate. To mask these failures and to shore up belief in the "brotherhood of man" and the efficacy of good intentions and liberality of mind toward other races, this earlier generation of liberals also spoke in code.

Myths had to be invented and propagated to prevent a simpler and more logical explanation from taking hold. Heaven forfend that the children of these corporals of industry should come to believe that the rest of the world hates us for no other reason than the color of our skins.

This simple idea had serious domestic implications. There were plenty of non-Europeans here in America. Were they destined to hate us too? Were they going to hate us no matter how generous and well intentioned we were?

Myths were needed to hold our multi-racial empire together.

The famous British historian, Arnold Toynbee, wrote two classics, "Civilization on Trial" and "The World and the West" in which he danced all around the subject, spoke in code, and created a new "Mythos" to keep integrationism alive. Toynbee said in essence that Second and Third world hostility was not based on race, but rather on the shock and shame occasioned by the encounter with the prosperous and powerful West. Whether we were fighting or not we were "aggressors", and these non-western nations were merely "defending" themselves:

In other words, in using our aid to build hospitals in the rest of the world, we should have allowed the goats and chickens to run through the wards as did Albert Schweitzer. In that manner, our aid would not have been viewed as so aggressive and so humiliating.

The mythos that concealed race from our idealistic elites was "sensitivity training." Hatred would disappear if we would just bend over backward a little more to avoid giving offense.

As voters became more and more appalled at ungrateful aid recipients, the old WASP establishment created the myth of the "Ugly American" to keep the genie of race firmly in the bottle.

You see, the good work of our sensitive elites at the State Department was being mucked up by loud, obnoxious tourists with bad manners. If it were not for the shock of the encounter with these crass tourists, these other lands would not be so intensely anti-American.

Indeed the myth so infected our culture that it shows up in some of the most hilarious places, like the stereotyped Louisiana Sheriff in the James Bond classic "Live and Let Die" who shows up as a tourist with a loud Hawaiian shirt in Bangkok Thailand in "Man with the Golden Gun," the next movie of the series. The myth was so widely disseminated that audiences would suspend disbelief and accept the image of relatively impoverished southern sheriffs vacationing in Thailand.

But times change and the myths of the 1950's are now dead.

You never hear about the "Ugly American" any more. Toynbee has been banished from our universities for his politically incorrect characterizations of sub-saharan African culture.

These WASP elites that once propounded myths of their own to cover the failures of the integrationist view are still around. They have just fallen silent.

Their silence now speaks volumes. If you ask them to answer an opinion poll, you will get the socially acceptable responses. However, they are no longer willing to invest effort in the integrationist enterprise.

As new global elites emerge in Japan, China and India to challenge the bureaucracies of American big business, this former elite wants to hold its options open. For the truth is that every one of these new WASPs in the information elite knows full well that the Chinese, Japanese and Indian business elites could give a fig about "integration" or "pluralism".

In their heart of hearts, these new WASP elites have become aware that exclusion and discrimination at the hands of these emerging Asian elites of international commerce is a virtual certainty. There is a mild sense of alarm at the large "fifth columns" of these new Asian elites already within our borders.

These new WASPs might someday be confined to working among and organizing the economic activities of their own kind. A "global tribe" might be the best defense, and the continued good will of the average middle class Euro-American might become critical in some unknown future. It is an asset these gentile elites do not wish to destroy. Silence seems prudent. The increasingly untenable integrationist myths are no longer to be defended.

Nobody from among the newer WASP elites tries to craft myths to conceal the failure of "integrationism." Liberalism and integrationism are out there alone, twisting in the wind, with their only defenders the shrill and obviously self-interested minority elites.

Ironically, the last WASP defenders of integration and pluralism are the conservatives, with their neo-conservative allies. The desperation of the editors of the Wall Street Journal to keep the old flame alive is touching. While faithfully reporting the shocking decay of our institutions and the intimate details of the racial preferences burdening Euro-Americans, they have formed an ideological "Camp of the Saints" with their tiny band of principled neo-conservative Jews and neoconservative Blacks bent on defending the older inclusive version of Western Civilization on behalf of us all in an even-handed manner.

To my brothers and sisters in the movement seeking to understand the world I can say only this:

The United States is entering a time of flux and danger. The minority elites defending integrationism are becoming more desperate and more dangerous.

Understand the following:

1. In culture and public policy debates, what is left unsaid is almost always more important than what is stated.

2. In public policy debates within a multi-racial empire, the truly important messages cannot be spoken without risk of provoking conflict. These messages are communicated in a complex "code." You must develop your own "code-speak" antenna and indeed learn to speak in your own "code."

3. When used by alienated minority elites, words will almost always mean the opposite of the dictionary definition. In a multiracial empire words are used as often to confuse and mislead as to enlighten.

4. The _only_ purpose of commercial print or broadcast media is to induce an irrational purchase based on status or "brand" familiarity rather than on price or quality. The advertising of commercial print or broadcast media exploits status insecurities, sexual insecurities, and encourages unplanned impulsive decisions.

5. Commercial print and broadcast media will always encourage alternative life styles like homosexuality in which the consumer spends all of his income on impulse purchases for himself. The media dislike consumers who must make price-conscious purchase decisions for family dependents. Families reduce the effectiveness of advertising. Hedonistic lifestyles increase it and will always be encouraged.

6. Traditional religions are always anti-materialist and tend to enforce the virtue of deferred gratification. Thus, traditional religions reduce the effectiveness of advertising messages. Commercial print and broadcast media will always be hostile to traditional religions or any other cultural artifact that lessens the effect of its product, advertising.

7. Because of the inherent economic bias against the effects of traditional religions and cultures, the print and broadcast media will always become a haven for members of minority elites, who are comfortable carrying out the veiled attack, not only for economic reasons, but for reasons of racial and religious aggression as well.

8. Schools, governments and public institutions have come to view "tolerance" and "diversity" as weapons with which to control the majority, narrow its options, and extract additional tax dollars. Discount their propaganda accordingly.

Part of becoming a strong culture, with a will to survive, is learning to understand the hidden agendas and having the will to unmask them in public.

By unmasking the agendas, you weaken your enemies.


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