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War Arrow

A White Nationalist Classic.

"War Arrow" is another classic from the year 1953, starring Jeff Chandler and Maureen O'Hara. It deals with the racial conflict between the White man and the American Indian in a unique way.

What sets this movie apart from the others is the remarkable clarity with which it illustrates the attempts to divide races - pitting sub-groups and tribes against one another to gain advantage in the larger racial competition.

Jeff Chandler plays Major Howell Brady, sent by Washington to rescue an Army outpost under siege by an unusually effective uprising by Kiowa Indians.

Brady's orders are to induce the Seminole Indians - recently moved West from Florida - to fight against the Kiowa in exchange for fertile land. After all, why get White soldiers killed when Indian tribes can die for the White man's cause? It is a classic imperialist maneuver, designed to decrease the cost of maintaining control over alien populations by pitting tribe against neighboring tribe.

What Bannon does not know, is that a group of Mexican landowners - angry at losing their lands in the War with Mexico - are playing the same game in hopes of getting their land back, promising a former Confederate officer a fortune if he will desert the Union Army and organize the Kiowa to drive out the Yankees.

Thus, the movie contains a remarkably clear and candid exposition of the fundamental nature of multi-racialism and multi-culturalism. The combatants will always seek to exploit the process of internal group differentiation within a competing race in order to gain an advantage over that race - whether the competitive arena is the field of battle or the supposedly democratic legislature.

And for the ladies, there is a strong romantic subplot starring Maureen O'Hara.

It is a gem and a White Nationalist Classic.



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