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The Plainsman

A White Nationalist Classic.

"The Plainsman" starring Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur was produced in 1937 by that legend of film, Cecil B. DeMille.

Once you have seen "The Plainsman", you will understand why DeMille - who had the temerity to produce all those Christian epics such as "The Ten Commandments" - and has been maligned by Hollywood from classic film noir such as "Sunset Boulevard" to the modern and very ugly Hollywood insider farce, "Cecil B. Demented."

"The Plainsman" is a drama about two army scouts who are trying to track down a White merchant who is selling repeating rifles to the Indians.

The most remarkable aspect of the film is an explicit political discussion in Washington D.C. by a group of wealthy Civil War profiteers and political backers of Abraham Lincoln about the price they might get for the new repeating rifles they are manufacturing by selling them to the Indians. One of the political contributors objects, claiming that the rifles would be used to kill White men, but the other decides to sell them anyway.

The movie has lots of pitched battles between army units and Indians, but the major theme is race treason by our elites.

It is a gem and a White Nationalist Classic.



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