Yggdrasil's WN Library


This is a selection of movie reviews and other commentary on the cultural conflict.

1. Eyes Wide Shut WNC
2. Children of Heaven NC
3. The Seven Samurai NC
4. Braveheart WNC
5. Dr. Strangelove WNC
6. The Gilmore Girls
7. A Clockwork Orange
8. Ygg's Movie List
9. People I Know WNC
10. The Searchers WNC
11. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs WNC
12. Cinderella and the Aunt Jemimafication of Prince Charming WNC

Books - The Seven Pillars of WN with their Ancestors and Progeny:

1. Memoirs of Extroardinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds -Mackay
2. Evolution and Ethics - Sir Arthur Keith
3. Jewish History, Jewish Religion  - Israel Shahak
4. The Culture of Critique - MacDonald
5. Albion's Seed - Fischer
6. The Dispossessed Majority - Wilmot Robertson
7. The Collapse of Complex Societies - Joseph Tainter


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