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The Gilmore Girls

Evenings typically find me down here in the study fooling with some data and otherwise plotting support and resistance targets and what-if scenarios for the next day.

Now as most of you know, I finally got the females at Ygg house to agree to cancel the cable TV, the most significant and effective revolutionary act you can perform in favor of our collective survival.

Remarkably, it is still perfectly legal!

Forget freedom of speech and internet censorship! You will know that our cause is permanently lost only when the inner party lobbies through a law requiring us all to subscribe to cable TV and jailing us for two years for attempted cancellation or non-payment. Thank God for Holocaust denial, which diverts so much inner party energy. What they should be doing is force feeding us cable TV even to the point of wiring our eyes open and applying drops, as in that famous scene from "A Clockwork Orange."

I have a solemn prediction. Eventually it will be a "hate crime" to cancel your cable for the wrong reason, and as the Justice Department's OSI division winds down from hunting NAZI's, they will be assigned the new mission of amassing proof of animus toward multiculturalism in cancelling your cable. Five years hard time if they can get your soccer mom neighbors to buy it! Playing soon at a U.S. Attorney's office near you!

Best commit the "crime" early and beat the rush to lock in your protection against ex-post-facto application!

So while the TV sets sit around the Ygg house in a new primary role as decorative furniture, nevertheless occassionally and unpredictably all activity in the Ygg house outside the study will cease and I will hear sounds emanating from the upstairs family room.

Come to find out, the females bought a small antenna for a few bucks and actually watch some of the WB network shows broadcast over the airwaves the old fashioned way.

Oh well! At least I'm no longer paying for the toxins and strenghtening my enemies by so doing.

So from time to time I will wander upstairs to see what they are watching. Typically, I will watch one or two minutes of a scene until I detect one of the familiar toxic themes and then slink away without analizing the sub-text of the scene. While my wife attended the same magnet school that I attended, and is well aware of the players and agendas, she objects vehemently to my categorizing them in real time, as she wants to forget about the never ending conflict and be "entertained." Ditto for the younger females.

Two relatively new Hollywood themes seem to be gathering momentum and are of particular interest.

The first theme is that white males are stupid - a prejudice first conveyed by shows like the Simpsons, and Beavis & ButtHead but now with innumerable comedy knock offs echoing the same popular line.

It is incredible to me how the Fortune 500 CEOs who sponsor these shows with billions of advertising dollars could fail to understand the hurdles these shows will inevitably place in front of their own sons and grandsons in a multi-cultural society. We already earn far less than inner party, blacks and hispanics at the same IQ levels and we have have significantly less educational attainment and opportunity at each level of IQ than these competing groups.

Making white male stupidity a staple of the popular culture can only make those trends worse as we become minorities in our own country over the next 30 years. But maybe Fortune 500 CEOs don't have any sons for they obviously don't give a damn!

The second mestastasizing theme is more of academic interest - a fantasy of Hollywood inner party film moguls and screen writers that is unlikely to have any lasting effect - namely, the theme that every shiksa with blond hair or a Southern Accent will find romantic fulfilment only when she abandons the boorish, stupid and inconstant northern European males of her own kind and surrenders her body to an inner party type with curly black hair and hook nose - always portrayed as sensitive, thoughtful and very romantic. A classic of this genre is the movie "Where the Heart Is" - the one about the Wal Mart baby - which serves up a double dose of this imprinting in the same movie. The TV show "Felicity" also has a tendency to serve up this same theme. Predictably, the theme never appears in the reverse with shaygetzim finding happiness only when they shun the Aryan super model types in favor of inner party females.

So one evening, I wander upstairs and the ladies are watching the pilot of a new show called "The Gilmore Girls."

Now the show is strictly a "chick flick", all about females and their relationships. But then it has a power and intensity far beyond anything I have ever seen on television before.

As much as I hate to admit it, the show is fantastic.

And this show is about the real us!!

I kid you not! I have become addicted to it!

If I were put in charge of culture after the revolution, this is exactly what I would produce with only very minor adjustments. I could not think of more fitting entertainment.

Now whenever Hollywood tries to make a show about us that will appeal to us, they invariably screw it up. We always end up with an image of us that doesn't ring true, because it is the imagining of someone who knows nothing about us, and might as well be an alien from outer space.

The WB network has tried a number of shows intended for the "outer suburban and small town market". A typical effort was "Dawson's Creek", largely about what some Hollywood inner party or drag-queen screenwriter imagines southern white kids might act like who keep their viginity through high school.

Trouble is, they got it wrong and end up with cardboard characters. Further, they cannot seem to resist belching up an endless stream of screen plays portraying the competitiveness and frustration that their Freudian imaginations tell them we must certainly suffer for our oddly puritanical ways. Sadly, the story line simply wasn't plausible and the ratings plunged, while my daughters lost interest.

Dragging a homosexual couple into the story line in desperation only made matters worse.

The show "Friends" also lost the females in the Ygg household, as no one they know acts or thinks like the characters in the show. Thus while at first the alienness of the behavior portrayed was funny, is lost its interest after a season. As my wife says, its always the same old sthick.


In contrast, the Gilmore Girls is a home run. The pilots were obviously intended to appeal to that same "outer suburban and small town market", and somehow whoever produced this show got it exactly right.

As you may know, a major Hollywood theme is that while small towns might look peaceful on the surface, there is always a lurking, hidden evil waiting to bludgeon the brains out of funny looking outsiders who happen to wander in.

Typically, the local Sheriff and law enforcement is the focus of attention and anxiety in these shows, as the fate of the alien visitor hinges in whether the law is a true repesentative of the forces of universalism - there to curb the violent tendencies of the feared townspeople - or whether it is in cahoots with the locals and thus doubly dangeous to the visiting alien.

But there are no cops anywhere in sight in Gilmore girls. No sheriff, no deputies, nothing!

In fact, the town which the Gilmore girls inhabit is so safe and so wholesome that there is no law enforecment of any kind to be seen. Instead, the show portrays the small town as a place of refuge, where relationships are lifelong, real and dependable. Further, there ARE no funny looking outsiders wandering in!

It is a quite stunning contrast with what we have come to expect from Hollywood.

But the most significant feature of the show is its relentless and successful exploration and development of the characters in all their complexity.

The major male characters, Luke, Dean and the Grandfather are portrayed as anchors of stability and dependability. Dean, a young viking physically, is not only stable and dependable, but a profound romantic as well - surprisingly, he is far ahead of the females in this category.

As my wife noted on seeing the second pilot, while the show is about a 32 year old single mother and her 16 year old out-of-wedlock daughter, the themes are profoundly conservative.

One episode in particular, about Mother and Daugher watching old Donna Reed show reruns from the 1950s is a classic. It is one of the best and funniest tv episodes I have ever seen, with a profoundly conservative theme of modern liberated women struggling to understand the past and square their independence and freedom with the ability to create and sustain a permanent relationship and maintain a happy and loving home.

Powerful and forbidden stuff!

A second theme that recurs throughout the episodes is the "commitment issue" as both female protagonists find their inability to commit to men foreshortening their relationships and causing disruption and hardship in their lives. It is an issue that pervades our secular society, and one which elicits rapt attention from the young ladies in the Ygg household.

It is a show that has real and intense meaning for them.

A third theme is the extended family, as mother and grandmother gradually, fitfully get over their estrangement, repair their relationship and slowly rediscover their similarities. Grandmother even manages to build a close relationship with her granddaughter without threatening mom.

This is the first time in recent memory that I have seen relationships in an extended family portrayed with such sympathy and understanding by Hollywood.

In some respects, I hate to commend this work in progress to your attention for fear of jinxing it.

As soon as I say something favorable it is certain that some shriveled little Hollywood genius will begin to parade lesbian lovers and gay couples before us, as the male leads all turn out to be klansmen and child molesters, and as a third world horde descends on the town to protest its unthinkable lack of diversity while a small army of cops camps into the story line.

The people who manage this business have deliberately overpaid for media properties and accepted below average returns for the past 70 years because they sensed the leverage and power of using advertising budgets from the business community to finance their hostile propaganda.

So why should they change their stripes now?

What's a small matter of queering the ratings and losing a little money when you have all of these potentially hostile descendants of European Christendom to reeducate and remold into New Socialist Man?

In any event I strongly urge you to watch this show before the inevitable shoes begin to drop.

It airs on Thursday evenings in my part of the world with re-runs of prior episodes on Mondays.

And the best part is, you can watch the show and still cancel the cable and refuse to finance your own destruction.

Watch a few episodes and let me know what you think.

Enjoy it while you can, and we can all chronicle its decay and collapse if that is what eventually comes to pass.



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